Fight climate change and reduce your carbon footprint with this vegan meal plan

This daily meal plan has a carbon footprint of 1.4kg CO2e, which fits in with the recommended 11 kg CO2e weekly carbon budget for food.

Meat-eaters produce more than double the greenhouse gases of vegetarians, study finds

A study into links between diet and greenhouse gas has found that the carbon footprint of meat-eaters is much higher than that of vegetarians.

How to reduce your carbon footprint in 10 simple steps

Reducing your carbon footprint is key to preventing climate change. Here are 10 simple steps showing you how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Brits turn to sustainable gift wrapping with guidance from the North London Waste Authority

The North London Waste Authority is encouraging Brits to rethink the way they wrap gifts and embrace sustainable gift wrapping alternatives.

The UK Environment Act recognises animal agriculture as a key driver of deforestation

The UK Environment Act acknowledges that the country's demand for soya for animal feed is a driver of deforestation and species extinction.

France is banning plastic packaging for 30 fruits and vegetables from 2022

France is set to ban plastic packaging for the majority of fruits and vegetables sold in the country from 20202 to reduce plastic waste.

Organic farming: What is organic farming and why is it more sustainable

Do you know why organic farming is better, who benefits from it and how it helps the environment? What you need to know about organic food...

World’s largest livestock producers emit more greenhouse gases than Britain, France, or Germany

The Meat Atlas 2021 study has revealed that the five biggest livestock producers emit more greenhouse gas emissions than oil giant Shell.

How net zero carbon differs from carbon neutral

Confused about the difference between Net Zero Carbon and Carbon Neutral? Dr. Torill Bigg explains what these confusing terms really mean...

Greenwashing: What is it and why is it a problem?

Can every major brand be trying to do the right thing for our planet or are they just greenwashing? Sometimes it’s too good to be true...

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