Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary need your help!

Read Time:   |  24th April 2017

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Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary have been given the amazing opportunity to purchase land next door to the sanctuary, which would allow them to rescue more animals, and give their existing animals an even better quality of life. But they can’t do it without your help!

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary 

Who are Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary?

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary is a vegan sanctuary run entirely by volunteers dedicated to caring for animals. 

The sanctuary takes in an impressive 2,500 animals a year, and they work hard to ensure that the animals in their care live out the remainder of their natural lives in the optimum physical and psychological comfort. The sanctuary also makes a point of re-homing or re-releasing the animals in their care into the wild wherever possible.

A safe haven for everyone

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary mainly rescues farmed animals, though it takes in any animal of any species in need of help, from dogs and cats to hedgehogs and guinea pigs.

The sanctuary have a non-destruct policy except on veterinary advice and where all else has failed. In some instances, where the animals have special needs, are very old, or have personality disorders, they guarantee them care and protection, as well as a home at the sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary

Land Appeal

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary have been given the amazing opportunity to purchase land next door to the sanctuary! This will be a massive benefit to the sanctuary’s existing animals and to help others in the future. 

It will be a massive step forward for them, making an enormous difference to the quality of life of their current animals, most of which were saved from dire situations. 

Laminitic or diabetic ponies that need restricted grazing in the spring, could have more space and a better quality of life in their own fenced off area. It would also mean the other animals could have more grazing, and would allow them to rescue more animals as the over grown area in front of the field could be cleared and make an excellent goat area, allowing them to rescue more sheep and goats. 

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary

Help Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary ensure their future and continue to carry out their fantastic work 

In order to continue to carry out their work, Brook Farm need to raise £30,000. If you would like to help support them, you can help by donating as little as £3.00 per month, which would go towards feed, bedding and treatment for their animals. You can also make a one off donation. 

You can donate through their website, send a cheque made payable to ‘Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary’, bank transfer or a standing order. 

If you have any ideas on how to help them raise the funds or hold a stall, cake, coffee morning etc please do get in touch with them at [email protected]

 Please make this dream a reality for the animals and donate on

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