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Harrods brand reps deny cruelty to animals despite investigation showing shocking treatment at fox fur farms

Despite the unveiling of horrific conditions on fox fur farms, sales reps continue to mislead customers about the source of designer furs.

UK set to ban barbaric boiling of live lobsters and octopus

The UK government is set to ban barbaric boiling live lobsters following a study that confirms the shellfish can feel pain.

A step forward for animal welfare in France: Circuses banned from using wild animals

The French government has enacted a gradual ban on the use of wild animals for circus entertainment as part of new animal welfare measures.


Intensive egg farming: The ‘untold suffering’ of the UK’s 14 million caged hens

Despite battery farming being phased out, millions of egg-laying chickens are confined to 'enriched cages' thanks to intensive egg farming.

‘Anachronistic, barbaric and unnecessary’: The suffering caused by fur factory farming

Although fur farming is banned in Britain, it is still imported. So how is it produced, and what are the issues with fur factory farming?

Factory farming fish: ‘People would be staggered by the size of Europe’s aquaculture industry’

Factory farming fish is responsible for nearly half of all fish consumed worldwide each year, and yet their suffering remains unseen.

Duck farms: The unknown scale of suffering within intensive British facilities

Thought pigs and cows were the only factory farmed animals? Uncover the horrifying hidden truth behind Britain's duck farms.

Factory farming: The unknown suffering behind the UK’s cow farms

While most people think beef comes from happy cows, the reality is very different as many cattle experiencing hardship on cow farms.

European Parliament votes to replace animal testing with modern science

The European Parliament votes to replace barbaric animal testing with cutting-edge science, saving nearly 10 million animals a year.

Intensive farming: The plight of factory farmed dairy cows and their calves

An increasing number of factory farmed dairy cows are being kept indoors all year-round as dairy farmers push to produce milk more cheaply.

Badger culling: Why badgers are scapegoats in the war on bovine tuberculosis

As the ninth season of badger culling is well underway, we’re all wondering whether this cruel and pointless pursuit will ever stop.

Brits turn to sustainable gift wrapping with guidance from the North London Waste Authority

The North London Waste Authority is encouraging Brits to rethink the way they wrap gifts and embrace sustainable gift wrapping alternatives.

The UK Environment Act recognises animal agriculture as a key driver of deforestation

The UK Environment Act acknowledges that the country's demand for soya for animal feed is a driver of deforestation and species extinction.


France is banning plastic packaging for 30 fruits and vegetables from 2022

France is set to ban plastic packaging for the majority of fruits and vegetables sold in the country from 20202 to reduce plastic waste.

Organic farming: What is organic farming and why is it more sustainable

Do you know why organic farming is better, who benefits from it and how it helps the environment? What you need to know about organic food...

World’s largest livestock producers emit more greenhouse gases than Britain, France, or Germany

The Meat Atlas 2021 study has revealed that the five biggest livestock producers emit more greenhouse gas emissions than oil giant Shell.

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