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Liz Truss sparks fury over plans to ‘scrap’ proposed ban on fur and foie gras imports

Liz Truss has sparked fury over plans to 'scrap' a proposed ban on the import of foie gras and fur, despite the Tories' previous pledges...

Debate sparked in Spain over bull running events as summer death toll reaches 10

Debate is raging in Spain over controversial bull running events, after at least 10 people were killed attending them over the summer.

Animal Rebellion covers Big Ben in fake milk and announces more plans to disrupt the dairy industry

Animal Rebellion yesterday covered Big Ben with fake milk as part of its campaign again the dairy industry, and it's not going to stop there.


Faroe Islands whaling: The horrifying truth behind the tradition

Lex Rigby from Viva! investigates the horror of the Faroe Islands’ whaling tradition of killing thousands of pilot whales and dolphins

Italy bans the killing of male chicks in the egg industry in a victory described as ‘historic milestone’

The Italian government has approved an end to the slaughter of male chicks in the egg industry under a new law.

Is honey vegan? Why it’s not and what honey alternatives to use

Wondering is honey vegan? Get the lowdown on why honey isn't vegan and discover the alternatives you can use instead.

386 dogs saved ahead of Yulin dog meat festival

Chinese police and activists intercept a truck carrying hundreds of dogs heading for slaughter at the Yulin dog meat Festival

UK’s ‘landmark’ ivory ban faces criticism from campaigners for its loopholes

The UK’s toughest ivory ban to date, the UK Ivory Act, is now in effect, but campaigners say offenders will still be able to evade it…

7 reasons why you need to follow a meat-free diet this May (and beyond)

To celebrate No Meat May, we want to share how ditching animal products and following a meat-free diet can help our planet

Is palm oil vegan or should ethical consumers avoid it?

Lex Rigby investigates the problems with palm oil and its effect on wildlife to find out is palm oil vegan or whether they should avoid it.

Animal abusers in the UK face £5,000 on the spot fine under new animal welfare bill

A new animal welfare bill that will protect pets, farmed animals, and zoo animals from abuse is on its way to becoming law in the UK.

World-renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall issues stark climate warning: ‘It’s terrifying’

World renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall has spoken out about the harrowing reality of the climate crisis...

How to eat out sustainably: 6 ways to eat out sustainably without costing the earth

Love treating yourself to a restaurant dinner but wondering how to eat out sustainably? Here are 6 things you need to look out for.


Are avocados vegan? We investigate the truth behind the myth

Since that episode of QI, many of us have questioned if avocados are vegan and what's the truth behind the myth that avocados aren't vegan? We reveal all...

Climate change: How agriculture and food production contribute to greenhouse gas emissions

Discover the ways agriculture and food production are contributing to climate change and destroying the planet and what you can do about it.

Milk vs soy milk: 7 reasons why soy milk is better than dairy

Find out why you should go dairy-free as we reveal why soy milk comes out into top in the milk vs soy milk battle.

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