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Landmark bill banning UK holiday firms from advertising cruel animal attractions abroad is made into law in ‘momentous’ move

A bill banning UK holiday firms from advertising cruel animal attractions featuring elephants and other species has been made into law.

MPs and campaigners take giant inflatable animals to Parliament to urge the government to ban trophy hunting imports

MPs, peers and campaigners have taken giant inflatable animals to Parliament as they call on the government to ban hunting trophies.

Finland urged to implement immediate ban on fur farming after new bird flu mutation detected in minks

Finland is Europe’s second-largest producer of fur, despite its green credentials, but a new mutation of avian flu my put the industry to bed


Iceland suspends its annual whale hunt in a move described as a compassionate ‘major milestone’

Iceland's government has suspended this year's whale hunt until the end of this month in a move praised by animal advocates.

European Commission accused of ‘ignoring’ citizens over cosmetic animal testing – despite decades-old ban

The European Commission has come under fire after animal welfare advocates accused the body of ‘ignoring’ the wishes of millions of Europeans…

August’s animal sanctuary of the month: Footprints Animal Sanctuary

Discover the amazing work that sanctuaries around the world do for ex-farm animals. This month's featured sanctuary is Footprints Animal Sanctuary in Cheshire.

Belgium approves proposal to end trophy hunting imports – as campaigners demand ‘EU-wide ban’

As Belgium strides towards an end on trophy hunting imports to protect endangered species, campaigners call for an EU-wide ban…

Are oysters vegan? Do bivalves feel pain and can you eat them on a vegan diet?

Oysters don't have a centralised nervous system, but can oysters feel pain? And are oysters vegan? We explore the nuances of eating bivalves

Hunting with dogs: Did the Hunting Act 2004 really stop the persecution of British wildlife?

The Hunting Act 2004 outlawed hunting with dogs, but has it really stopped the cruelty in the countryside?

Thomas Cook cuts ties with SeaWorld and other marine parks in move praised by animal advocates

Thomas Cook has cut ties with marine parks, according to vegan charity PETA which says the move follows its talks with the travel giant.

Do vegans eat cheese? Learn why they don’t and which vegan cheese alternatives to eat instead

Learn the real reasons why vegans don't eat cheese, and discover the delicious plant-based cheese alternatives vegans can eat instead.

8 ways to reduce food waste by repurposing ingredients you usually throw away

Repurpose those stalks, peels and other bits that you usually throw away for some surprisingly tasty treats - and reduced food waste.

COP28 climate summit will serve mostly vegan food for the first time in its history, confirms UN

COP28 is set to serve a mostly plant-based menu for the first time in its history, organisers have confirmed.


Experts warn UK must cut down on meat after damning report shows vegan diet slashes emissions

Researchers found vegan diets caused 75 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to diets featuring 100g of meat a day...

People should ‘eat as little animal products as possible’ to fight climate change, scientists tell European Commission

Europeans should eat 'as little animal products as possible', to help tackle climate change, according to scientists.

How oceans can heal the planet and help in the fight against climate change

Our dietary choices can have a huge impact, not just on ocean wildlife, but on the climate change that is affecting the whole planet.

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