Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2019

Vegan vending machines are appearing on the streets of Bristol

Hungry vegans in Bristol can now find and grab a bite to eat on the go with ease as a number of vegan vending machines have appeared across the city. 

vegan vending machine bristol

Vegan vending machines are appearing on the streets of Bristol after UK-based company Vegan Vend successfully secured funding via a Kickstarter campaign to instal its first fully stocked plant-based vending machine.

Unlike a traditional vending machine, the Vegan Vend doesn’t contain the usual offerings of crisps and chocolate bars and instead gives hungry passers-by the opportunity to purchase a selection of healthy snacks, desserts, sandwiches and wraps made by local suppliers.

vegan vending machine bristol

Image credit: @weareveganuary/Instagram

The Vegan Vend vending machines featured treats from local independent businesses such as Real Wrap Co. and Kind Cakes Mean Bakes, including tempting delights such as a vegan sausage sandwich, coronation chickpea sandwich, sweet potato pakora, and even a Bakewell slice, as well as a range of wraps and snacks such as Nakd bars and a selection of cold drinks.

The company will rotate the menu of items featured in the machines, and the current menu can be viewed here.

vegan vending machine bristol

To ensure the machine is eye-catching and tempting to encourage customers to grab a plant-based product, the company has collaborated with local artists to design the exterior artwork on the vending machine.

The first vegan vending machines to appear in the city can be found at The Island and The Galleries shopping centre.

Image credit: @vegan_vend/Instagram 

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