29 indulgent vegan Valentine’s Day ideas to make your own treats

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Are you feeling in the mood for romance (and some delicious vegan food!)? One of the nicest ways to show someone how much you care, and how special they are, is by taking the time to make them a thoughtful handmade gift. So why not show someone you love them by treating them to some of these stunning vegan Valentine’s Day treats?

From strawberry pop-tarts and cheesecakes, to meringue kisses and chocolate truffles, there’s something for every love-bug in our round-up of the loveliest, most romantic vegan Valentine’s Day recipes!

29 indulgent vegan Valentine’s Day recipes

1. Chocolate and date truffles 

vegan Valentine’s Day recipes

22. Baked apple cider doughnuts with pomegranate glaze 

vegan Valentine’s Day recipes


23. Heart beet cookies 

vegan Valentine’s Day recipes

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