48 healthy vegan lunches that will keep you full until dinner

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Tired of soggy sandwiches and in need of inspiration for vegan lunch ideas? These healthy vegan lunch recipes are bursting with flavour and will keep you full until dinner as they're packed with nutritious ingredients.


We know that lunch can be a make-or-break situation.

If you’re short on time or on the go, a supermarket meal deal may seem like the only option but it doesn’t always hit the spot or give the nutrients to keep you going until dinner.

What’s more, if you are able to pre-prepare your lunch you can save yourself some extra cash whilst enjoying delicious homemade flavours.

So, we’ve collated our favourite vegan lunch recipes to give you the inspiration to create easy and delicious meals. From easy plant-based pasties to unforgettable vegan sandwiches and savoury tarts, these vegan lunch ideas will give you something to look forward to.

Whether you’re working from home or on the go, we have something for everyone with our go-to vegan lunch ideas.

In the mood for a specific type of food but don’t know what to make? Click the links below to browse these vegan lunch recipes by type?

Vegan Sandwiches & Wraps

1. Vegan Mushroom Reuben Sandwich

The Reuben sandwich is a classic North America sandwich that’s traditionally made with corned beef with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and a Russian dressing.

To make this vegan Reuben sandwich we’ve replaced corned beef with spicy mushrooms and filled it with pickled red cabbage, dairy-free cheese and vegan-style Russian dressing to ensure each bite is packed with flavour and texture.

Vegan Mushroom Reuben Sandwich - vegan lunch recipes

2. Vegan Pulled Jackfruit & Coleslaw Sandwich

The sweet and smoky BBQ flavours of pulled jackfruit paired with creamy coleslaw and avocado will ensure this epic vegan sandwich quickly becomes your new favourite vegan lunch recipe!

Vegan Pulled Jackfruit & Coleslaw Sandwich - vegan lunch recipes


3. Vegan Smoked Tofu BLT Sandwich

Crispy fried slices of smoked tofu are a great vegan bacon substitute for this vegan BLT sandwich. The combination of smokey flavours of the tofu bacon contrasted with the fresh flavours of the lettuce and tomato mean each bite is bursting with flavour.

Vegan Smoked Tofu BLT Sandwich

4. Vegan Coronation Chickpea Sandwich

The combination of curried chickpeas and sweet sultanas and mangos make this one tasty vegan sandwich topping! You can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge for up to 5 days so you can enjoy an entire week of easy vegan lunches.

Vegan Coronation Chickpea Sandwich

5. Vegan Tofu Egg and Cress Sandwich

Tofu is the perfect egg substitute for this classic British sandwich. The tofu ‘egg’ gets its eggy flavour from kala namak and a dash of turmeric gives it its vibrant yellow colouring. It’s the perfect addition to a homemade vegan afternoon tea!

Vegan Tofu Egg and Cress Sandwich

6. Vegan Mushroom & Pesto Panini

Mushrooms are a wonderful thing, especially when they are slathered with herby pesto and sandwiched between crispy ciabatta. This super easy mushroom and pesto panini is bursting with flavour and is ready in just 15. Serve with a side salad and enjoy.

Vegan Mushroom & Pesto Panini - Vegan sandwich fillings ideas

7. Mediterranean Wrap

Who can resist the flavours of the Mediterranean? We sure can’t. This easy Mediterranean wrap is packed with flavours that will keep you coming back for more.

The roasted vegetables are layered with black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and basil for a tangy taste. What’s more, any leftover veg can be saved and mixed with couscous for another easy vegan lunch.

Vegan Mediterranean wrap

8. Smoked Tofu & Vegetable Baguette

Looking for the perfect vegan sandwich? We’ve got you! This smoked tofu and roasted vegetable baguette is our go-to sandwich when we are looking to spice up on-the-go lunches.

Packed with protein from the tofu and bursting with nutrients from the vegetables, top with the simple olive tapenade and you’re in for a treat.

Smoked Tofu & Vegetable Baguette

9. Vegan Pulled Mushroom Hoisin Wraps & Crispy ‘Seaweed’

These pulled mushroom hoisin wraps are an easy winner compared to the dry supermarket alternatives, it even has crispy ‘seaweed’ inside!

Smother your crispy baked mushrooms in the sweet and smoky hoisin sauce before topping with fresh cucumber and your salty spring green ‘seaweed’. Roll, bite, enjoy!

Vegan Pulled Mushroom Hoisin Wraps & Crispy ‘Seaweed’

10. Grilled Vegetable Tahini Sandwiches

Looking to use left-over veggies in the fridge? No problem. This grilled vegetable tahini sandwich will give your vegetables a new lease of life.

Cook your veggies until golden and tender before serving them in your grilled tahini sandwich. We’ve suggested using courgetti, carrot, mushroom, and spinach in this recipe, but you can mix it up depending what’s in the fridge.

Grilled Vegetable Tahini Vegan Sandwich Fillings

11. Chickpea Tuna Melt

Chickpea tuna has a special place in our hearts and has saved the day whenever we are stuck for lunch. However, this recipe takes chickpea tuna to the next level.

Layer your ‘tuna’ on your bread of choice before topping with your favourite vegan cheese and placing in the oven to get gooey.

Vegan chickpea tune melt

Vegan Salads

12. Vegan Crunchy Thai Noodle Salad

We can’t resist the sharp and fragrant flavours of Thai food and this Thai noodle salad is bursting with crunchy vegetables and topped with crunchy cashew nuts.

Toped with the sweet and salt dressing for a taste sensation like no other, this recipe is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Crunchy vegan Thai noodle salad - healthy vegan lunch ideas

13. Vegan Pesto Salad with Broccoli, Sweet Potato & Chickpea

The vibrant flavours of the homemade vegetables make this super salad so utterly moreish.

The roasted chickpeas and raw broccoli add a delicious crunch, whilst the sweet potato is warm and satisfying. Drizzle the creamy pesto sauce on top and you have the perfect healthy vegan lunch.

Vegan Pesto Salad with Broccoli, Sweet Potato & Chickpea

14. Vegan Freekeh Salad

Get freaky this lunchtime with this vibrant freekeh salad! It’s crisp, crunchy, and studded with jewel-like pomegranate seeds that add mouth-watering pops of sweetness throughout this fibre-rich salad.

Vegan Freekeh Salad

15. Vegan Heritage Tomato Panzanella

Got some stale bread that needs using up? Put it to good use with this tasty Italian-style tomato panzanella.

The bread soaks up all the flavourful juices from the salad which is made from grilled peppers, red onion, and heritage tomatoes.

Vegan Heritage Tomato Panzanella

16. Vegan Greens and Beans Salad

Need some help reaching your 5-a-day? This healthy salad is filled to the brim with veggies to help you to get more than just ‘5-a-day’!

With tasty green veg like broccoli, asparagus, and spinach along with a protein hit from the beans, this salad will energise and nourish you.

Vegan Greens and Beans Salad

17. Vegan Kale, Cannellini Bean and Sundried Tomato Salad

This super salad is quick and easy to throw together and is made from affordable ingredients so is the perfect cheap vegan lunch whether you’re strapped for time, cash, or both.

Vegan Kale, Cannellini Bean and Sundried Tomato Salad

18. Chickpea and Watercress Salad with Roasted Tomatoes

Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best meals, like this chickpea and watercress salad! This salad is fresh and vibrant thanks to the lemon and olive oil dressing.

Top your chickpeas with roasted cherry tomatoes for an easy yet satisfying light lunch.

Easy vegan lunch ideas - Chickpea and watercress salad

19. Vegan Sriracha BBQ Chickpea Couscous

Couscous often gets a bad rep, but this recipe takes it to the next level with the addition of BBQ chickpeas and sriracha. Combine the couscous with the saucy and smoky chickpeas before serving with peppery rocket.

This is the perfect recipe to make in bulk to ensure your lunch times are packed with flavour.

Easy vegan lunch ideas - A bowl of bbq sriracha chickpea cous cous

Vegan Soups

20. Vegan Corn Chowder Soup with Cashew Milk

When the weather is glum, sometimes a bowl of hearty soup is the only answer. This corn chowder is bursting with flavour and high in iron.

Simply fry your onion, celery and garlic until softened, and add the cashew milk, sweetcorn and veg stock. Blend half the soup and return to the pan. Serve with a slice of crusty bread for a wholesome lunch.

Corn chowder

21. Vegan Curried Leek & Lentil Soup

While we love a hearty soup for lunch, they can often leave you unsatisfied and hungry for more. Spice up your lunch times with this curried leek and lentil soup.

Packed with vegan protein, this fragrant soup is flavoured with cumin, paprika, turmeric and coconut milk. Top with fresh parsley and dried chilli flakes for an added kick.

Curried leek lentil soup - healthy vegan lunch ideas

22. Vegan Broccoli & ‘Blue Cheese’ Soup

Although this soup has all the flavour and richness of a classic blue cheese soup, it actually doesn’t contain any at all! Instead, we’ve used nutritional yeast and miso to give this soup an umami flavour, while vinegar gives it acidity.

Vegan Broccoli & ‘Blue Cheese’ Soup

23. Vegan Kale, Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

This vegan kale, red pepper and sweet potato soup is jam-packed with nutrients. It’s also great for meal-prepping as you can whip up a batch at the start of the week to have on hand whenever you need a quick vegan lunch.

Vegan Kale, Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

24. Vegan Tofu Posole

This Mexican-inspired soup contains tofu, kidney beans, and mushrooms to make a hearty and filling meal. The spiciness of the soup goes great with the fresh radish, cabbage and coriander.

Vegan Tofu Posole

25. Vegan Miso and Ginger Udon Noodle Soup

This quick and easy miso noodle soup is packed with flavour with warming spices like chilli and ginger so is the vegan lunch for a cold, winter’s day.

Vegan Miso and Ginger Udon Noodle Soup

26. Creamy Vegan Wild Mushroom and Watercress Soup

There’s nothing quite like a nice creamy bowl of vegan mushroom soup, and this recipe brings all the flavour! It complements the natural, earthy flavours of the wild mushrooms with a kick of fresh watercress to make this delightfully smooth soup recipe one to remember.

Creamy Vegan Wild Mushroom and Watercress Soup - healthy vegan lunch recipes idea

Vegan Quiches & Tarts

27. Vegan Cheese & Onion Tarte Tatin

Looking for a fancy yet easy pre-made lunch? Look no further! This cheese and onion tarte tatin really is a feast for the eyes, and stomach.

Cook your onions until they are caramelised and tender. Top with finely grate vegan cheese and sage butter before layering your pan with a layer of ready rolled puff pastry.

Onion tart tatin

28. Fresh Tomato Tart with Tofu Ricotta

This classic tart recipe gets a vegan upgrade thanks to tofu. Transform humble silken tofu into a creamy ricotta style spread using just a few basic ingredients.

Top with fresh cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze. Bake for 30 minutes until the pastry is golden and the tomatoes and blistered and roasted. Enjoy hot or cold.

Fresh tomato tart with a balsamic glaze - easy vegan lunch ideas

29. Vegan Quiche Lorraine

Who doesn’t love a quiche during the summer months? This indulgent vegan quiche recipe is a plant-based take on a British classic.

Filled with vegan bacon and topped with juicy tomatoes, this quiche is a perfect for packed lunches or summer picnics. This recipe helps you make your own pastry, but store-bought short crust will work just as well.

vegan quiche lorraine

30. Vegan Blue Cheese & Broccoli Quiche

This quiche has all the flavours of a classic blue cheese and broccoli quiche, but is completely vegan. We’ve made it using vegan blue cheese, but you can substitute this with your favourite vegan cheese if you prefer a milder, creamier flavour.

Vegan Blue Cheese & Broccoli Quiche

31. Leek & Sundried Tomato Quiche

This tofu-based vegan tomato quiche is a delicious egg and diary-free alternative to a traditional quiche but is every bit as tasty.  Tofu makes a brilliant egg substitute while the simple flavours of cheese and tomato are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Leek & Sundried Tomato Quiche

Vegan Pasties

32. Mushroom & Lentil Empanadas

Empanadas is a traditional Spanish pasty or turnover. The golden flaky pastry encases a meaty and savoury filling.

For this recipe, we’ve used mushrooms and lentils to create an irresistible centre that even meat-eaters would crave. Whip up a quick green salsa and serve with an easy chilli ketchup for a fool-proof lunch.

Easy vegan lunch ideas - Mushroom and lentil empanadas

33. Vegan Moroccan Spiced Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Cauliflower Pasties

These savoury pasties are filled with a mixture of butternut squash, onion, Moroccan spices, and sweet mango chutney, all wrapped up in flaky puff pastry. The pasties are baked until golden brown and are delicious served hot or cold as a snack or light meal.

Vegan Moroccan Spiced Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Cauliflower Pasties

34. Vegan Spinach & Tofu Filo Parcels

Inspired by the classic Greek spanakopita dish, these vegan pastry parcels are a delicious and easy-to-make dish that can be served on their own or paired with a side salad for a complete meal.

Vegan Spinach & Tofu Filo Parcels

35. Green Lentil & Porcini Vegan Pasties

The classic, hearty Cornish pasty gets a vegan makeover with this delicious recipe for green lentil, thyme and porcini vegan pasties. They’re herby, and super filling thanks to the lentils which are high in protein and fibre.

Green Lentil & Porcini Vegan Pasties

36. Spiced Spring Green and Potato Vegan Samosa with Kachumber Salad

Homemade samosas are heavenly, especially when they are stuffed with spicy spring green and potato.

Serve these crispy filo parcels with a fresh kachumber salad for a refreshing hit. These are great pre-made or if you’re enjoying a lavish lunch. Kids will love getting involved to help make these.

Spiced spring green and potato samosas with kachumber salad - healthy vegan lunch ideas

Light Bites & Bowls

37. Quick Vegan Orzo with Beetroot & Dill

Orzo is one of our favourite pastas. Its rice shape is similar to risotto but doesn’t require excessive stirring, it’s a win-win situation!

Add your par-cooked orzo to the oven along with the grated beetroot, onion and celery. Bake for 15 minutes or until the pasta is al-dente. Scatter the fresh dill and add a dollop of vegan sour cream. Enjoy!

Beetroot orzo with dill

38. Easy Vegan Sushi

Homemade sushi is easier than you may think and is a fun way to spend your lunch times. Once your sushi rice is cooked leave to cool and prepare your vegetables of choice, we’ve used cucumber, avocado, and spring onion but you can get creative with your flavours.

Top your nori sheet with your cooled rice and veggies and get rolling. Cut into slices and serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste.

Easy vegan lunch ideas - vegan sushi

39. Miso-Roasted Broccoli & Tofu Buddha Bowl with Sesame Dressing

Looking for a nutritious yet easy vegan lunch? We’ve got you. This miso-roasted broccoli and tofu Buddha bowl recipe is packed with goodness and bursting with umami flavour.

The protein-packed tofu is flavoured with soy sauce, maple syrup, and sesame seeds and then baked until caramelised. Once all the components are ready it’s time to assemble.

Place your baked tofu and miso broccoli on a bed of nutty brown rice and drizzle the creamy sesame dressing. A nutritious lunch ready in just 30 minutes!

Healthy vegan lunch ideas - Miso roasted broccoli tofu

40. Spanish Omelette

This egg-free Spanish omelette is as good as the original without the needless cruelty. Using chickpea flour and black salt as the foolproof vegan egg replacement, this recipe is perfect for lavish breakfasts or indulgent lunches.

Layer your potatoes and veggies before pouring over the egg-free mixture and cooking for 5 minutes on each side. Serve with a fresh salad and enjoy.

Vegan spanish omelette

41. Chickpea Omelette

Missing out on a good omelette as a vegan is a thing of the past. This recipe combines chickpea flour and silken tofu to recreate an authentic egg-like texture that is unbeatable.

Fry your omelette mix until golden and top with your favourite vegan cheese. Layer with whatever veggies you like and tuck in.

Vegan chickpea omelette - healthy vegan lunch recipes

42. Simple Homemade Vegan Baked Beans and Jacket Potato

Jacket potato and baked beans is a British classic. While canned baked beans can include unnecessary additives, this recipe for homemade baked beans utilises simple ingredients and is packed with flavour.

Top your baked spud with your homemade baked beans and tuck in. Trust us, you’ll never look at a can of baked beans again after making your own.

homemade baked beans with jacket potato - healthy vegan lunch recipes

43. Vegan Korean Aubergine & Sesame Spinach

We love the sweet and hot flavours of Korea. This Korean aubergine & sesame spinach recipe takes humble ingredients to the next level thanks to the use of gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) and sesame oil.

Add the gochugaru mixture to steamed aubergine and serve with perfectly cooked rice and sesame spinach.

Korean aubergine with sesame spinach and rice - healthy vegan lunch recipes

44. Vegan Polenta Cake with Grilled Asparagus

If you’re looking for a vegan lunch idea with a difference, try this vegan polenta cake recipe. Polenta is an Italian store cupboard staple and is made by grinding corn into flour. It’s traditionally served as a hot porridge, but this recipe bakes it into a crumbly savoury cake.

Pour the polenta mixture over asparagus and bake until golden brown. This recipe is perfect as a packed lunch and can be eaten hot or cold.

Asparagus polenta cake

45. Spicy Vegan Black Bean Tacos

Whenever we are in need of a quick and tasty lunch, these spicy black bean tacos are always our go-to. The chipotle chilli paste gives a smoky flavour that is too good to resist.

Top with crisp lettuce, creamy avocado, maybe even some vegan cheese, and you’re on to a winner.

Vegan spicy black bean tacos are one of our favourite vegan lunch recipes

46. Vegan Cajun Courgette Fritters

These spicy courgette fritters are flavoured with Cajun spices to bring a little heat to lunchtime. They’re delicious paired with a salad for a light lunch and served with fresh, creamy sauce like a garlic dip or vegan raita to balance out the heat from the spices.

Vegan Cajun Courgette Fritters are one of our favourite vegan lunch recipes

47. Vegan Temaki with Hoisin Carrots

These vegan temakis are filled with rice, avocado, and hoisin-glazed carrots, rolled up in nori sheets to create a delicious and healthy sushi-style dish.

Vegan Temaki with Hoisin Carrots

48. Jackfruit Vegan “Tuna” and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

This vegan tuna pasta salad with jackfruit if one of our favourite vegan lunch recipes because you can make a big batch at the weekend and enjoy it all week long. Jackfruit is the perfect tuna alternative thanks to its flaky texture, while crunchy sweetcorn, red onion and a dollop of homemade mayo fill this pasta dish with flavour.

Jackfruit Vegan “Tuna” and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad is one of our favourite vegan lunch recipes

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