The best vegan aquafaba recipes you never knew could be vegan

The 25 best vegan aquafaba recipes you never knew could be vegan

Aquafaba, the brine found in cans of beans and legumes like chickpeas, has caught the world’s attention. Its combination of proteins, soluble plant solids and starches can be used for a variety of cooking processes including thickening, binding, gelatinising and emulsifying. It’s also the perfect egg-replacement. In order to share our excitement about this key ingredient with you, we’ve compiled a list of 25 sweet and savoury recipes, made vegan through the power of aquafaba.


1. Vegan meringue nests with strawberries and coconut cream

Recreate this summer favourite using aquafaba instead of egg for the meringue. Crunchy, crumbly and perfect topped with coconut cream!

vegan aquafaba recipes

2. Vegan marshmallows

This recipe can seem tough at first, but after a little careful preparation you’ll be able to reward yourself with some sweet, sugary treats.

vegan aquafaba recipes

3. Vegan aquafaba macarons

Macarons, and no egg whites needed! With just a bit of whisking and baking, aquafaba whips up into delicious vegan meringue to be filled as you please.

vegan aquafaba recipes

4. Vegan waffles

Cook up a classic breakfast (or dessert) with these egg-free vegan waffles, great served straightaway or undercooked by a minute and frozen for later.

vegan aquafaba recipes

5. Vegan mango ice cream

By adding aquafaba meringue to some mango sorbet, you can create a creamy ice-cream-style dessert with a burst of fruity flavour.  

vegan aquafaba recipes

6. Vegan chocolate mousse

Airy, whipped aquafaba is the perfect consistency for a mousse. Best served cold, garnished with berries.

vegan aquafaba recipes

7. Vegan whipped cream

Looking for the perfect vegan dessert topping? The Hidden Veggies have got you covered with this quick and easy recipe for cool whip, using only 5 ingredients.

vegan aquafaba recipes

8. Berry pavlovas

It’s certainly eye-opening to realise how much you can do with meringue! This recipe is perfect for a light brunch or tea party. Simple, sweet and stylish.

vegan aquafaba recipes

9. Vegan Brownies

Ready in just 40 minutes, these rich, fudgy brownies are easy to make and perfect for sharing with friends or simply satisfying that chocolate craving.

vegan aquafaba recipes

10. Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Another classic to add to the recipe books! Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? With vegan chocolate chips, of course.

vegan aquafaba recipes

11. Earl Grey vegan cake with lemon frosting

An exceptional yet simple layered Vegan Cake with subtle Earl Grey fragrance & fluffy, buttery, lemony frosting. It can be made as a 3 layer cake, a 2 layer cake or even 6 muffins. You will find full instructions for all 3!

12. Swiss Buttercream Icing

This fluffy icing combines aquafaba with vegan butter, confectioners sugar, cream of tartar and shortening. It’s perfect for cakes, so why not use it to decorate the fluffy sponge cake featured in the recipe above?

vegan aquafaba recipes

13. Marshmallow Fluff

Bring back childhood memories with the multi-purpose fluffy stuff that goes in bakes, on biscuits, on smores and more. The crème in this recipe lasts up to ten days too (if you put it in the fridge) so you’ll have plenty of chance to use it up!

vegan aquafaba recipes

14. New York Cheesecake

Try this new take on vegan cheesecake by blending aquafaba with cashews, vanilla and plant-based milk to make a gorgeous creamy filling.

vegan aquafaba recipes

15. Vegan churros with cinnamon aquafaba frosting

Naughty but so nice, these vegan churros are a great way of sharing the love. Fold them into hearts, then dip them in aquafaba and cinnamon icing for the finishing touch.

vegan aquafaba recipes

vegan aquafaba recipes

Enjoying these vegan aquafaba recipes? Why not pick up a copy of our ‘Baking with Aquafaba’ issue and discover more delicious recipes to try.


16. Vegan mayonnaise

Whisked aquafaba can be used in savoury dishes as well as sweet. This substitute for mayonnaise can be flavoured with garlic, lime or smoked paprika and is the ideal accompaniment to a number of dishes.

vegan aquafaba recipes

17. Game-changing vegan aquafaba butter

Nina’s recipe for this butter is so well-loved that her name has been put to it! Test it out yourself, and after a night in the fridge, you too can enjoy the vegan spread everyone is talking about.

vegan aquafaba recipes

18. Vegan mozzarella cheese

Defying the stereotype, this vegan cheese is easy to make, using only seven ingredients and taking a total of 15 minutes! It turns out stretchy, melts in your mouth and tastes good with almost any meal.

vegan aquafaba recipes

19. Egg-free, vegan black pepper pasta

Create unique pasta dough using aquafaba, oil, flour, salt and black pepper. It can be put through a pasta roller, boiled and mixed with your favourite pasta sauce for dinner in just over an hour.

vegan aquafaba recipes

20. Skinny beetroot hummus

By using less olive oil and adding more beetroot, this ‘skinny’ version of the traditional recipe makes almost twice the amount of hummus with few added calories. Don’t mind if we do.

vegan aquafaba recipes

21. Vegan cloud bread

This recipe, low in carbs and able to be made sweet or savoury, uses aquafaba to create the crumbly outside and soft middle fans of cloud bread know and love.

vegan aquafaba recipes

22. Vegan scrambled ‘eggs’

Yes, you heard us right. When aquafaba is added, this tofu-based mixture actually scrambles in a skillet, ready to be served just like scrambled eggs.

vegan aquafaba recipes

23. Vegan olive oil brioche

If you’re looking for something lighter, the feathery texture of this soy-free, vegan bread is ideal. Make sure to follow the recipe carefully for a brioche that looks great and tastes just as good.

vegan aquafaba recipes

24. Vegan savoury crepes

Change up your breakfast routine with these tomato and basil crepes. You might have to experiment a bit to get them just right, but they’ll eventually turn out thin, crispy and delicious!

vegan aquafaba recipes

25. Caramelised onion and broccoli quiche

§This recipe offers a number of ingredients that you can add or avoid, allowing you to create something best suited to your individual tastes. Whatever you choose, the aquafaba will make the filling creamy and delicious.

vegan aquafaba recipes

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