10 healthy vegan sandwich fillings that aren’t falafel

Author: Rachel Smith

Make lunch the most delicious and exciting meal of the day with these tasty vegan sandwiches and sandwich fillings

Don’t get us wrong, classic vegan sandwich fillings such as hummus, falafel and roasted peppers are classics for a good reason – they’re delicious!

However, if you’re wanting to shake it up and try something new this lunchtime then there are plenty of ways to get creative with your sandwich fillings.

Here’s a mouth-watering selection of vegan sandwiches and vegan sandwich filling ideas that make lunch the best meal of the day.

1. Grilled Vegetable Tahini Vegan Sandwiches

This sophisticated, plant-based version of grilled cheese made with fresh veggies and buttery tahini is a delicious way to make lunchtimes more delicious.

tahini vegan sandwiches

2. Carrot ‘Salmon’ & Cream Cheese Bagel

Capers and dill give this vegan smoked ‘salmon’ bagel the taste of the sea without the cruelty whilst the creamy cheese adds a delicious creaminess.

The ultimate lunch for when you’re feeling fancy.

vegan salmon bagel recipe

Watch how to make this vegan salmon bagel recipe here:

If you’re enjoying these vegan sandwiches, you’ll love these plant-based recipes too!

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Arguably the king of all sandwiches, a grilled cheese toastie oozing with melty cheese is a comfort food classic that always hits the spot.

This quick and easy vegan grilled cheese sandwich recipe is so delicious, you will not miss the real deal! It’s
made with a dairy-free creamy vegan cheese spinach filling.

vegan sandwiches

4. Vegan BLT

Some recipes are classic for a good reason, like a BLT sandwich. Crispy lettuce, mayo, fresh tomato and sweet, salty and smokey tofu bacon combine together to create a mouth-watering lunch that’s cruelty-free and totally satisfying.

best vegan bacon recipes
Learn how to make the vegan BLT here! 

5. Lemon & Dill Chickpea Sandwich

With a subtle nod to the tuna sandwiches of our childhood, this recipe puts a tasty twist on an old favourite.

The zesty flavour of lemon pairs beautifully with the slightly lemony, sweet flavour of the dill for a sandwich filling as you’ve never tasted before.

vegan sandwiches

6. Spiced Cauliflower, Chickpea and Tahini Wrap

This perfectly spiced cauliflower and tahini wrap is packed with flavour and will leave you feeling full and satisfied at lunchtime thanks to the addition of chickpeas.

7. Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Toastie

Now we have more time to spend on making a lovely lunch, why not treat yourself to this epic sun-dried tomato toastie with creamed spinach and melty vegan cheese.

If you really want to push the boat out then we recommend spreading a little pesto on your sandwich to give it even more flavour!

vegan spinach and tomato toastie

8. Chilli Chickpea Sandwich

This recipe is in regular rotation in our own lunchtime menu for a few good reasons! It’s packed with protein so keeps us full all afternoon and it’s super quick to make as you can prepare the cheesy nacho sauce up to five days in advance to save on time.

You can even use the remaining cheese sauce for dips or nachos. Did we mention it’s unbelievably delicious and unlike any toastie we’ve had before?

9. Barbecue Tofu Vegan Sandwiches with Pineapple Relish

A great sandwich for when you have a little more time to spare, this is one of the most flavoursome vegan sandwiches you will ever eat in your life!

Tangy, smoky and fruity, these crowd-pleasing sandwiches are perfect for summer picnics, BBQs, or cosy dinners.

10.Vegan Caesar Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

Chickpeas sure are a versatile ingredient when it comes to vegan sandwich fillings!

From tuna to egg, they’re a great replacement for meat. In this tasty recipe, they take the place of chicken in this Caesar salad inspired sarnie.

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Rachel Smith

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