15 quick and easy vegan desserts you can make in 30 minutes or less

Author: Rachel Smith

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Satisfy your sweet tooth without the fuss with these quick and easy vegan desserts that take just 30 minutes to make using 10 ingredients or less


Short on time and in need of something sweet to beat those sugar cravings? These easy vegan desserts require minimal effort and time and no hard-to-find ingredients.

Indulge in delightful creations like creamy crème brûlée, comforting crumble, refreshing vegan ice cream, silky panna cotta, velvety chocolate mousse, and decadent cheesecake – all with minimal fuss!

With just 10 ingredients or less, you can create a diverse range of mouthwatering delights in under 30 minutes. While all these easy vegan dessert recipes guarantee a maximum 30-minute preparation time, a few may need a couple of hours in the freezer to set before serving – so make sure you plan ahead if you’re planning to serve them for an event.

1. Vegan Crème Brulée

This creamy and decadent dessert is a vegan twist on the classic French favourite. With a rich vanilla-infused custard base and a perfectly caramelised sugar topping, it’s a luxurious vegan dessert that’s guaranteed to impress.

The best part? It’s surprisingly easy to make. All you need is a handful of simple ingredients, 20 minutes, and some ramekins. The dessert takes 4 hours to set so is the perfect dessert for dinners parties as you can make it ahead of time and enjoy more time to spend with your guests.

Vegan Crème Brulée


2. Quick & Easy Vegan Berry Strudel

Bursting with juicy blueberries, this easy vegan dessert is a perfect balance of tartness and natural sweetness. By using pre-made pastry sheets, you can skip the laborious process of making dough from scratch.

Simply roll out the pastry, load it up with the vibrant blueberry filling, and bake it to golden perfection. Serve it with a dollop of vegan vanilla ice cream for a truly decadent dessert!

Quick & Easy Vegan Berry Strudel


3. Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tofu Mousse

This indulgent but simple vegan dessert combines the heavenly flavours of chocolate and peanut butter in a silky smooth mousse. Surprisingly, this decadent treat is incredibly easy to make.

With just a few simple ingredients, including tofu, cocoa powder, and creamy peanut butter, you can whip up this luscious dessert in no time.

Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tofu Mousse

4. Vegan Biscoff Chocolate Cheesecake

This no-bake vegan cheesecake might look and sound like a complicated treat to make, but it couldn’t be easier to make.

The crust, made with crushed Biscoff cookies, adds a delightful crunch and a hint of caramelised flavor., while the luscious chocolate cheesecake filling is infused with the distinct taste of Biscoff spread.

Vegan Biscoff Chocolate Cheesecake

5. Pomegranate and Yoghurt Vegan Panna Cotta

With its silky texture and refreshing flavours, this vegan twist on the classic Italian dessert will transport your taste buds to pure bliss.

Using plant-based ingredients like coconut milk, yoghurt, and agar agar, you can easily achieve the perfect panna cotta consistency without any dairy.

Pomegranate and Yoghurt Vegan Panna Cotta

6. Chocolate Orange Ganache Pots

These individual desserts are an absolute treat for the senses, combining velvety smooth chocolate ganache with a burst of citrusy orange flavour.

They take just 15 minutes to prep so you can easily make them ahead of a dinner party ready to serve up when your guests arrive.

Chocolate Orange Ganache Pots

7. Raspberry, Blackberry & Apple Crumble

Bursting with juicy blackberries and tangy apples, this easy vegan dessert offers a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness.

The crispy, crumbly topping adds a perfect textural contrast to the soft fruit filling and is utterly delicious served with lashings of custard.

Raspberry, Blackberry & Apple Crumble

8. Vegan Biscoff Fudge

This decadent sweet treat combines the rich flavours of Biscoff cookies with the creamy indulgence of fudge. With its melt-in-your-mouth texture and tempting caramel undertones, this vegan fudge is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Vegan Biscoff Fudge

9. Mint Chocolate Avocado Mousse

This luscious dessert has a velvety smooth texture and rich chocolate flavour, and despite it’s decadent appearance it’s actually packed with wholesome ingredients.

By using avocado as the base, you achieve a creamy and nutritious dessert without the need for dairy or eggs.

A hint of mint brings in a fresh flavour that lifts the dark chocolate flavour, creating a refreshing treat for your taste buds.

Mint Chocolate Avocado Mousse

10. No-Churn Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

This vegan, no-churn strawberry ice cream has only four simple ingredients and is incredibly easy to make!

The best part is, you don’t need an ice cream maker or any fancy equipment to make it, just a blender or food processor. The result is a creamy strawberry ice cream that rivals any store-bought variety.

Mint Chocolate Avocado Mousse

11. Oreo Brownies

These fudgy delights are the perfect marriage of rich, moist brownie and irresistible Oreo cookies. What’s even better? They come together effortlessly. With a handful of pantry staples, you can whip up a batch of these decadent brownies in a jiffy.

If you don’t have any Oreos to hand, you an use your favourite vegan biscuits instead.

Oreo Brownies

12. Vegan Danish Fruit Pinwheels

Despite their attractive appearance, these fruity pastries couldn’t be easier to make. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a master at making pastry to rustle up this delicious dessert as you can use ready-made puff pastry.

While we’ve made these tangy pinwheels using fresh raspberries, you can substitute them with your favourite fruit or berries. The possibilities really are endless!

Vegan Danish Fruit Pinwheels

13. White Chocolate Tarts with Raspberries

Each bite of these elegant tarts offers a heavenly combination of luscious white chocolate and buttery pastry, all topped off with fresh, tangy raspberries to balance the sweetness of the white chocolate.

Although they might sound fiddly to make, they couldn’t be easier and take just 30 minutes to make – the hard part is resisting them!

White Chocolate Tarts with Raspberries

14. Vegan Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Don’t be fooled by its decadent appearance, this rich and indulgent chocolate ice cream is actually made with wholesome and natural ingredients like coconut milk, dates, and cashews.

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make it – all you need is a blender and some willpower to stop yourself devouring the mixture before it’s frozen!

Vegan Double Chocolate Ice Cream

15. Vegan Blueberry & Coconut Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

This creamy and aromatic rice pudding is made effortlessly in a slow cooker, allowing the flavors to meld together beautifully. The plump blueberries add bursts of sweetness, while the coconut milk lends a rich and tropical undertone.

Although it takes a while to cook in the slow cooker, it’s so quick to make and takes just 2 minutes to prepare meaning you can make it ahead of time ready for when you need an easy vegan dessert.

Vegan Blueberry & Coconut Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Eating healthy doesn’t mean missing out on desserts. Instead, make these healthy vegan dessert recipes!

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