26 easy vegan soups for healthy plant-based lunches

Author: Helen Greaves

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From refreshing gazpacho to fiery ramen, these vegan soup recipes will fill your lunchtimes with flavour all year long...


Is there anything more comforting than sipping from a steamy mug of soup on a cold day?

With so many flavourful varieties of soup, it’s no wonder this ‘hug in a bowl’ is so popular as a lunch, snack, or starter.

Soup is great for batch cooking to make quick and easy meals, and can even be easily transported to work or school in a flask.

On a cold winter’s day, soup makes a filling, warming treat and it’s often used as an at-home remedy for minor illnesses too.

In the summer, cold, refreshing soups like gazpacho are perfect to help you cool off with a light, nutritious meal. There really is a soup for every occasion!

Here you’ll find plenty of different types of vegan soup recipes to suit any mood, including:

All of these recipes are delicious and nutritious. Some are decadent, some light and healthy, and most of them are quick and simple to make.

So, try one of these easy vegan soup recipes today!

Healthy vegan soup recipes

These healthy vegan soups are filled with wholesome, nutritious ingredients that will give you a healthy boost.

1. Vegan ‘bone’ broth

This nutritious vegan broth can form a healthy base for a heartier soup by adding veggies, or can be served as it is for a restorative drink when you’re feeling under the weather.

With collagen-boosting wakame, flavourful miso paste, and the goodness of plenty of vegetables, this light and uplifting soup will prove you don’t need to eat animal parts to get a health boost.


2. Vegan Kale, Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

With wholesome sweet potatoes and lentils and plenty of veggies, this soup is filling and well-balanced while packing in plenty of nutrients.

This light-but-satisfying soup is perfect to enjoy all year round and makes a warming, healthy meal or a hearty starter.

3. Immune Boosting Turmeric & Autumn Squash Soup

This sweet and spicy soup is filled with warming Autumn flavours, making it the perfect treat to enjoy as the weather gets colder.

Immunity-boosting spices will help to protect you from winter illnesses, while the rich, creamy soup and decadent cashew cream topping will help stave off those gloomy-weather blues.

4. Vegan Mediterranean Tuscan Soup

There’s a reason the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest, and this wholesome soup embodies those principles fully.

With a beautiful balance of vegetables, beans, and Italian flavour, this sunny soup is a true taste of Tuscany.

5. Medicinal Mushroom and Garlic Broth

This broth-based vegan soup tastes great in any weather, but its added vitamin D mushrooms make it perfect for those cold, dark winter months.

With fiery chilli, a flavourful veggie broth, and plenty of vermicelli noodles this soup is a healthy, filling lunch that will keep you going all afternoon.

Vegan summer soup recipes

Cold soups make a great summer lunch to keep you cool in the scorching heat. Batch-cooked in advance and stored in the fridge, these bright and tasty vegan summer soups are perfect for enjoying in warmer weather.

6. Vegan Pea, Spinach & Mint Soup

This refreshing soup can be enjoyed warm or cold, making it the perfect soup for a changeable British summer.

Its bright green vegetables and fragrant min undertones will transport you to a sunny summer garden wherever you enjoy this quick and easy-to-make soup.

7. Vegan Tomato Consommé with Heritage Tomatoes & Basil

This elegant chilled soup is the perfect way to celebrate the flavours of heritage tomatoes, if you have them, but works equally as well with regular tomatoes.

The clear broth looks deceptively simple, when it’s truly bursting with sunny flavours

8. Vegan Tomato And Fennel Gazpacho

Sweet fennel makes the fresh tomato flavour of this Spanish cold soup really shine.

It’s wonderful served in a glass as a savoury summer drink, but also makes a lovely light meal when poured over fresh, crunchy vegetables and micro greens.

9. Barbecued Gazpacho

For a slightly different take on traditional gazpacho, infused with summer flavours, try barbecuing your vegetables beforehand to add a charcoal smokiness to the flavour.

In this recipe, vegan mayonnaise is also added to give the gazpacho a delightful creaminess.

10. Wild nettle soup

This vegan summer soup is healthy and refreshing, and the best thing? The main ingredient is free!

Zingy nettle soup is flavourful, nutritious, and surprisingly filling. It’s best enjoyed warm but is also delicious cold, thinned out with a little extra water.

11. Ajo Blanco Soup

This traditionally plant-based Spanish soup is creamy and cooling, with a deliciously nutty sweetness from its almond base.

Served with a generous swirl of red pepper cream, this impressive soup both looks and tastes amazing – perfect for a starter at a summer dinner party!

Warming winter soup recipes

These sumptuous vegan winter soups are filled with warming spices and wholesome ingredients to keep you going through cold days and long nights.

12. Spicy Butternut Squash & Ginger Soup

This simple soup can be made in the microwave – perfect for a winter warm-up when your kitchen facilities are limited.

With a warming kick from ginger and chilli, this butternut squash soup is incredibly satisfying.

13. Vegan Tofu Posole

Posole is a warming Mexican soup, traditionally made with slow-cooked pork. This tofu version is much kinder, and full of spice and flavour.

Its filling mixture of vegetables and beans makes it a great soup to fill you up in the winter. It’s best served with warm corn tortillas.

14. Maple Dahl Soup

Maple syrup gives this lentil dahl soup a sweet and sultry twist that tastes divine.

Indian spices and creamy coconut milk make this rich soup a warming treat – like a hug in a bowl!

15. Creamy Vegan Wild Mushroom and Watercress Soup

A big bowl of creamy mushroom soup might just be the ultimate treat for a cold day when you’re feeling a bit glum.

This soup features a mix of mushrooms and mushroom ketchup for extra umami.

16. Vegan Broccoli & ‘Blue Cheese’ Soup

This decadent soup uses nutritional yeast, miso, and vinegar to replicate the rich flavours of blue cheese, with no need to hunt out a vegan cheese alternative.

With fresh broccoli and potatoes for extra thickness, this soup is a filling winter treat.

17. Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Chicken-style soya pieces add extra protein to this filling winter soup, making it perfect for a satisfying small meal.

Serve with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and toasted bread for a feel-good bowl.

18. Vegan Corn Chowder Soup with Cashew Milk

This creamy cashew-based soup is a great source of iron, perfect for an energy boost in winter.

With the sweetness of the corn and smoky paprika, the flavours of this soup will really warm you up on a cold day.

Vegan lentil soup recipes

Lentil soups have been a vegan staple for decades. What was once ‘the only option’ is now a choice we’re happy to make day after day.

With so many delicious ways to cook up these lovely legumes, who wouldn’t want a bowl or two?

19. Spiced Vegan Bramley Apple Soup with Red Lentils

This spiced apple soup is a great way to get plenty of fruit and veg into your lunchtime – with added protein from tender red lentils.

With sweet notes from bramley apples and coconut, and plenty of savoury spices this soup is a flavour sensation.

20. Coconut Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Rice

This deliciously spiced soup is a full meal in itself. With sweet potato, lentils and rice, there’s plenty to fill your tummy.

Serve it with a warm naan for a soup-er feast!

21. Green Lentil Soup with Mushrooms

This hearty soup features savoury mushrooms and chunky green lentils in a clear, flavourful broth.

It’s perfect for a light-but-filling lunch or dinner.

22. Tomato Lentil Soup

This delicious soup is chock full of flavour and nutrients.

It features a rich tomato and lentil base spiced with chilli, while a sprinkle of chickpeas to garnish add even more protein to this dish.

23. Vegan Curried Leek & Lentil Soup

Leeks are one of the few British vegetables in season during the colder months, and they make a great base for this comforting soup.

With added protein from lentils and chickpeas, this soup is filling and delicious.

24. Vegan Lentil Soup

This Indian-inspired soup is simple but special.

With warming spices, tender lentils, and creamy coconut milk this might just be the ultimate vegan lentil soup recipe.

Vegan noodle soup recipes

A hot, steamy bowl of vegan noodle soup is exactly what you need when you’re under the weather.

With pleasing Asian flavours and filling ingredients, you won’t be able to resist these recipes.

25. Vegan Miso and Ginger Udon Noodle Soup

With soft noodles, silken tofu, and plenty of veggies this noodle soup is a full meal in a bowl.

The savoury miso and warming ginger will have you drinking every last drop of broth from this soup.

26. Vegan Miso Ramen Soup

This Japanese-inspired dish will warm you up and fill you up, while you enjoy a feast of flavours.

Be sure to slurp your noodles as noisily as possible more maximum authenticity.

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