19 deliciously indulgent vegan Easter recipes

19 deliciously indulgent vegan Easter recipes

There’s plenty of sweet treats to tempt you in our round-up of the most indulgent vegan Easter recipes. From vegan chocolate eggs filled with caramel to hot cross buns and showstopping cakes, these recipes will have you hopping for joy! 

1. Vegan Easter cookies with naturally coloured icing

These cute and delicious vegan Easter cookies are great to make with your kids, and as an added bonus they’re coloured using all-natural ingredients.

2. Dark chocolate beetroot cake with chocolate ganache frosting

A dense and fudgy dark chocolate beetroot cake with dairy free chocolate ganache frosting and marzipan eggs, perfect to celebrate Easter or any other cake-worthy life event.

3. Chocolate caramel Easter eggs

These chocolate caramel eggs are a delicious and healthier Easter treat, and they’re so simple to make leaving you more time to plan your vegan Easter egg hunt!

4. Vegan Easter lemon sponge cake

This Easter Lemon Cake is made up of a light vegan lemon sponge, frosted with lemon buttercream and topped with colourful egg decorations. A real showpiece for your Easter table! (Please note the eggs pictured are no longer SFV).

5. Vegan hot cross buns with dark chocolate and sour cherries

Hot Cross Buns, vegan, and better than you remember them – with melty pockets of dark chocolate and tart dried cherries dotted generously throughout a fluffy spiced dough. 

6. Fruity vegan egg baskets

These fruity little baskets might look like they contain eggs, but they use apricots instead, with delicious results! 

7. Chocolate Easter egg nests

These vegan Easter egg nests are a slightly healthier twist on the classic and are raw, vegan and gluten-free. The mini eggs are made from raw marzipan instead of chocolate, and you can let your imagination run wild with the colours you choose to use. 

8. Vegan creme eggs

A copycat version of that oh so popular Easter treat from Cadbury minus the egg white, cow’s milk, natural flavours, emulsifiers, high fructose corn syrup & artificial colours. Rich, sweet, fondant filling encased in rich chocolate makes these Vegan Creme Eggs irresistible!

9. Carrot cake doughnuts 

These vegan carrot cake doughnuts would make a delicious and light dessert or even a sweet treat for brunch. The icing is practically guilt-free since it’s made with only a few ingredients and a base of cashew cream. 

10. Raw vegan Easter egg filled with salted caramel and chocolate mousse

This is the chocolate egg to end all other chocolate eggs – a giant, raw salted chocolate egg, filled with the smoothest salted date caramel, and the silkiest chocolate and coconut mousse you can imagine.

11. Vegan carrot cake

A deliciously moist vegan carrot cake is essential for your Easter celebrations, and this one even comes complete with delicious marzipan carrot decorations! 

12. Vegan scones

These light and fluffy scones are made with no eggs or dairy, and they’re rather lovely! 

13. Bounty bar cheesecake 

This three-layer raw bounty bar inspired cheesecake is topped off with dark chocolate coconut nests with raw hazelnut mini easter eggs. A perfect showstopper for your Easter celebrations! 

14. Coffee & chocolate cookies

These super-cute cookies are so much fun to decorate, but even more fun to eat! 

15. Easter simnel cake

This traditional cake is a mixture between a teabread and a cake, with the rich almond paste giving it a bit of a luxurious oomph – so don’t expect a sponge! 

16. Easter lemon cupcakes

These are the fluffiest lemon cupcakes you’ll ever try, topped with a zesty lemon buttercream and vegan-friendly jelly beans as a sweet alternative to mini eggs.

17. Chocolate chip Easter bun brownies

If you have leftover chocolate from Easter then this is the perfect recipe to use it in! 

18. Chubby Easter bunny cookies

These sweet treats really are almost too cute to eat! 

19. Lemon chocolate Easter cake

Decorate this zesty, rich chocolate cake with edible spring flowers for a naturally beautiful Easter cake.

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