23 best ever vegan cheese recipe ideas

From feta and goats cheese to blue cheese, camembert and mozzarella, these 23 vegan cheese recipes prove you don't need dairy to enjoy cheese!

If there’s one thing that vegans are tired of hearing, it’s ‘I love cheese too much to be vegan!” And with good reason, because there are so many creative, simple, and healthier ways to make cheese, all without the dairy!

So ditch the dairy, get soaking your nuts, and soon you’ll be in deliciously melty, cheesy heaven with these 23 best ever vegan cheese recipes that are perfect for creating your own festive cheeseboard with this Christmas!

1. Vegan Herb Cashew Cream Cheese Recipe 

This wonderful cashew cream cheese is so deliciously creamy and spreadable, and packed full of delicious herbs that pack a powerful flavour punch!


2. Vegan Blue Cheese Recipe

This impressive-looking vegan blue cheese that tastes like the real deal, and is made using traditional cheese-making techniques and only 4 ingredients. A creamy, sharp and strong cheese that’s perfect for your Christmas cheeseboard!


3. Vegan Almond Feta Recipe

Salty and briny, this dairy-free almond feta works beautifully crumbled over salads or slightly melted in all of the traditional dishes. Best of all, stored in brine, it keeps for weeks, getting stronger in flavour and more delicious as time goes by (in fact, it vastly improves after a month, so make this weeks ahead of time if you can).


4. Vegan Easy Garlic & Herb Cheese 

EASY, creamy vegan cheese infused with lemon, garlic and dill, and nutritional yeast for that extra cheesy flavour. Soft, spreadable, delicious.


5. Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip Recipe 

“Hey, what is THAT cheese?  That couldn’t be vegan.  It’s so tasty-looking.” You better believe it’s vegan, and boy, does this stuff taste good!


6. Vegan Almond Cheese Recipe 

A 4-ingredient recipe for Basic Almond Cheese that will make even cheese aficionados take note. You need this vegan cheese recipe in your repertoire!


7. Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe

This vegan Parmesan cheese is delectable, super easy to make, it lasts a long time and it’s cheaper than traditional Parmesan. in addition, it’s healthier and it’s gluten and dairy-free, so everybody can eat this wonderful cheese.


8. Vegan Tofu Feta Cheese Recipe 

This vegan tofu feta cheese has almost no fat and is cholesterol-free, and is perfect in Greek salads. It’s fresh and really easy to make; you only need to cut the tofu in cubes and marinate it, that’s all! The longer it sits, the better it tastes!


9. Vegan Herbed Cashew Cheese & Spicy Tomato Jam 

No fussy complications in this vegan cheese, just pure, creamy, flavour-packed, plant-based goodness.


10. Vegan Pepperjack Cheese Recipe 

Nutritional yeast is the magic ingredients here as it gives this cheese a distinct depth of flavour, and the fiery bits of pepper don’t hurt either! This slices like a dream and shreds well and is perfect as an appetiser tray or snack plate, or on a cold sandwich.

11. Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Recipe 

A homemade, vegan mozzarella that’s healthier than store-bought and much better for you than dairy cheese. It works well when baked on top of a pizza too- yummy!


12. Vegan Sliceable Cashew Cheese Recipe 

This sliceable vegan cashew cheese made with agar-agar. And it slices, grates and melts too. perfection!


13. Vegan Cheeseplate 

Why should those who consume dairy get all the fun? Serve your guests this vegan cheeseboard as the perfect end to your meal.


14. Raw Vegan Goats Cheese

Layered with homemade basil pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, this party-ready cheese is perfect for impressing vegan cheese sceptics.


15. Vegan Herb and Garlic Nut Cheese Recipe

A raw, vegan version of the popular ‘Boursin’ cheese, this nut cheese has all the garlicky herby flavours of the dairy version and is surprisingly simple to make. The entire process is spread over 3 days, but each step takes mere minutes. It is completely worth the little bit of planning and is immensely rewarding to know you have made this yourself.


16. Baked Vegan Goats Cheese Recipe 

This vegan goat cheese is tangy, spreadable, and even slice-able (if you bake it long enough), creamy cheese that will make you feel all fancy at your holiday parties. Soaking and baking time aside, this cheese is super simple to prepare. Seriously!


17. Vegan Garlic & Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Recipe 

This cheese is so damn tasty, you’ll want to spread it all over anything, and that’s definitely encouraged around here! 


18. Vegan Baked Almond Feta Recipe 

You know when you come across a recipe that you know is going to change your life? This one could just be that! It is unbelievably good, full of flavour and remarkably like feta.


19. Vegan Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Recipe 

With a few simple ingredients from your local health food store, you can make your very own fresh vegan mozzarella cheese right in your kitchen! It’s absolutely delicious with a sprinkle of olive oil and served with fresh basil and tomatoes. 


20. Vegan Smokey Pesto Cashew Cheese 

Kick your dairy cheese habit to the curb with the satisfying (and sliceable!) plant-based cheese that’s easy to whip up in your own kitchen. Play around with the add-ins to create your own “cheese house” speciality!


21. Vegan Smokey Black Pepper Cream Cheese 

Tangy, peppery, cheesy goodness that you’ll want to spread on just about everything in reach! 


22. Vegan Aged Camembert Cheese 

This impressive-looking cheese tastes just like real camembert, and even has the distinctive white, flowery rind!


23. Vegan Fried Goat Cheese Balls 

These 4-ingredient fried cheese balls are melty on the inside and crispy on the outside. Easy to make and incredibly tasty!


Decided which vegan cheese recipe you’re going to make? Great! Of course, you can enjoy it on crackers, but you can also put your favourite cheese to good use in these delicious vegan cheese recipes…

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