20 of the best vegan one-pots for a lazy day

These easy vegan one-pot recipes are perfect for those days when you want something healthy and packed with flavour for dinner but don't fancy washing up!

If you dread the mountain of dishes and pans after dinner, why not try one of these vegan one-pot recipes to make your life a whole lot easier?

Now that vegan one-pot recipes have become easier to find, we’ve collected 20 of our favourites to share with you. We’re sure you’ll find some comfort food for the next time you’re having a lazy cooking day.

Vegan One-Pot Recipes

1. One-Pot Kale, Mushroom and Garlic Spaghetti

Is there anything quicker and simpler to whip up than a great big pan of pasta? We think not!

spaghetti one-pot meal

2. One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Super easy to make, packed with protein and super healthy, this one-pan Mexican quinoa is ready in a mere 25 minutes. It’s best served with fresh parsley and avocado for the ultimate boost.

quinoa one-pot meal

3. Vegetable Jambalaya

The variety of spices, flavours and healthy fats in this dish make it a great dinner for carnivores and vegans alike. If you’d like to emulate meat, you can add some cubed tofu, too.

jambalaya one-pot meals

4. BBQ Crock Pot Lentil Chili

This quick slow-cooker recipe is rich in fibre and protein. It is gluten-free as well as vegan, and jazzes up a few simple ingredients with BBQ spices. A flavour sensation you’ll all enjoy.

chili one-pot meal

5. One Pot Pad Thai Noodles

Fans of peanut butter will love this one! The creamy peanut butter sauce is the perfect finish to the fresh vegetables and the vegan pasta. You can adapt it to your tastes by choosing your favourite veg.

noodles one-pot meal

6. Vegan Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and this vegan recipe is creamy, nutty and velvety – everything we need for a lazy night in. Cashews and coconut milk are the star ingredients.

mac and cheese one-pot meal

7. One-Pot Ratatouille Spaghetti

This dinner combines two of our favourites: spaghetti and ratatouille. It’s made in less than 30 minutes and is high in both protein and fibre. It’s healthy, vegan, gluten-free and delicious.

ratatouille one-pot meal

8. 1 Pot Chickpea Sweet Potato Spinach Curry

If you love Indian spices, this stew has a definite kick! It’s a great recipe for using up pumpkin, squash or beans. For those chilly winter days, it’s completely warming as well.

spinach curry one-pot meal

9. Easy Stove Top Enchiladas with Cauliflower Rice

Enchiladas in 30 minutes? We’re sold! These stove top enchiladas have the same amazing taste as regular enchiladas but can be made without all the fuss of folding tortillas etc.

enchiladas one-pot meal

10. One-Pot Asparagus and Spinach Gnocchi

For a ridiculously easy and tasty weeknight dinner, why not try this gnocchi? The potato balls are covered with spinach sauce, crunchy asparagus, green peas and fresh cilantro, lime and orange zest.

gnocchi one-pot meal

11. Vegan Portobello Pot Roast

Treat yourself to a wine-based dish! This rich and hearty pot roast combines wine, mushrooms, herbs and vegetables. Best served with crispy roast potatoes, it looks great and fills you up.

pot roast one-pot meal

12. Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl with Rice Noodles, Tofu & Fresh Pea Shoots

This recipe makes a delicious hearty serving for one, but can be multiplied to serve as many guests as you’re feeding. With its collection of flavours and textures, it’s a definite winner.

ramen bowl one-pot meal

13. Vegan Smoky Sausage & White Bean Casserole Recipe

This smoky vegan sausage casserole really is a winner all year round. In the summer it’s amazing with fresh bread, salad and hummus in the garden with a glass of red wine.

Vegan Smoky Sausage & White Bean Casserole Recipe

14. African Peanut and Sweet Potato Stew

There are so many ways to tweak this recipe, so if you love to experiment with your cooking you’ll love the numerous tips, substitutions and suggestions. You can serve it with rice to make it last longer, for instance.

stew one-pot meal

15. Vegan Three Bean Chili

Pinto, black and Great Northern beans make for the perfect warming chili. It is spiced with cumin, ancho chili powder and a bit of mustard and hot sauce. It keeps, too, so you can enjoy it more than once.

bean chili one-pot meal

16. One Pot Garlic White Wine Pasta

Top this roasted garlic and white wine pasta with fresh parsley, peas and red pepper flakes for a gorgeous (and convenient) dish. It makes dinnertime easy and enjoyable.

pasta one-pot meal

17. One Pan Mexican Sweet Potato Bake

For that awkward time between seasons, this recipe makes use of the best produce from summer and from autumn. It’s beautifully colourful and perfect for anyone who loves sweet potatoes (so pretty much all of us)!

bake one-pot meal

18. Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup

Speaking of sweet potatoes, this winter-friendly soup has just a hint of heat that is perfect for warming up from the evening chill. For a one-pot meal, it takes a while to make but is definitely worth the effort!

soup one-pot meal


19. Creamy Polenta & Mushrooms

Veganise this recipe by swapping out the cheese and butter for vegan alternatives. If you like mushrooms, the combination of three different kinds is sure to satisfy you.

polenta one-pot meal

20. Vegan Tofu and Vegetable Pot Pie

We had to have a pot pie in here somewhere! This one is exactly what we need in a comfort food – simple, savoury, surrounded by flaky pastry and stuffed with vegetables and tofu!

pie one-pot meal

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