23 mouth-watering vegan burgers that are better than a takeaway

Author: Rachel Smith

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Whether you're grilling, having a barbecue, craving junk food or whipping up a quick dinner for the family, these vegan burger recipes are sure to inspire you.


Vegan burgers can be tricky to make at home if you don’t have the right vegan recipe. Avoid the risk of a crumbly, mushy plant-based patty and try your hand at making your own vegan burgers with the following delicious vegan burger recipes.

Although there is an abundance of supermarket vegan burgers for you the enjoy at home, there’s nothing quite like making your own – particularly if you’re not a fan of mock meats or can’t eat soy.

When it comes to making vegan burger patties, you can use a range of ingredients such as mushrooms, beans and legumes, tofu and seitan to create the base.

As they’re made from plant-based ingredients and delicious spices, they’re healthier than meat and packed with even more flavour. Give them a try with these amazing vegan burger ideas.

1. Smoky Tempeh Burger Recipe with Black Beans and Mushrooms

If you’ve never tried a tempeh burger before, you need to change that immediately because their texture is too good to miss! Tempeh gives vegan burgers a firm yet chewy texture and ensures they’re packed with vegan protein.

This recipe is smoky, meaty, and loaded up with toppings, just like a good veggie burger should be.

Smoky Tempeh Burger Recipe with Black Beans and Mushrooms


2. Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Burger

Here, slices of king oyster mushrooms are coated in a vegan buttermilk batter that’s packed with Cajun spices for a crispy, Southern-inspired flavour that will hit the spot when you want a vegan burger that doesn’t contain any meat replacements.

Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Burger


3. Vegan Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Jackfruit is a fantastic alternative to pulled pork and it soaks up the flavours of marinades beautifully to ensure each bite of your burger is full of flavour. We love to top ours with a generous spoonful of vegan coleslaw to balance the sweet flavours of the BBQ sauce with crisp textures and a creamy element.

Vegan Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Burger

4. Sweet Potato Burgers

This flavourful vegan sweet potato burger recipe is packed with delicious spices and is ready to eat in just 30 minutes! Topped with avocado, vegan mayo, red onion, and spicy Kimchi, they are the perfect combination of savoury and spicy.

Vegan Sweet Potato Burgers

5. Cheese-Stuffed Big Daddy Burger

Bite into this epic burger and you’ll discover a delicious surprise inside – a soft centre filled with melty vegan cheese!

Cheese-Stuffed Big Daddy Burger

6. Vegan Yellow Split Pea Burgers

Lentils are one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet, and they’re great for making vegan burgers as they help bind the patties together so they don’t fall apart in your hand.

They’re also an affordable, high-protein ingredient that you can buy in bulk so you’ll have plenty left over to make a vegan curry the next day.

Vegan Yellow Split Pea Burgers

7. Vegan Black Bean Burgers

The hints of lime and chilli in these black bean burgers are delicious, and the patties don’t fall apart. The recipe also suggests the best ways to work with black beans, which is really helpful.

Vegan black bean burgers

8. Avocado Bean Burger

The combination of creamy smashed avocado paired with a pickled gherkin sauce makes these vegan burgers oh-so moreish.

Because they’re made with butterbeans and breadcrumbs, you can even cook this vegan burger recipe on the BBQ as the veggie patties hold their shape well when cooked.

Vegan Avocado Bean Burger

9. Roasted Vegetable Burger

If you’re not a fan of meat replacements but still enjoy tucking into a big burger, this roasted vegetable burger is for you. It’s filled with a medley of roasted vegetables for a healthy vegan burger that tastes amazing.

Vegan Roasted Vegetable Burger

10. Vegan Smashed Edamame & Mint Burgers

Looking for a more unusual vegan burger recipe? This refreshing and vibrant recipe for nutrient-packed vegan smashed edamame and mint burgers are a tasty way to give yourself a greens-fuelled boost.

Edamame, spinach and mint make a delicious patty, while spirulina gives the buns a superfood lift and a striking green colour.

Vegan Smashed Edamame & Mint Burgers

11. Vegan Cajun Burgers with Mushroom & Black Beans

If you fancy a break from meaty burgers, you must try Cajun burger recipe. It’s made with mushrooms and beans so is low in fat and high in protein, but the addition of Cajun seasoning, onion and garlic ensure it’s full of flavour, while rice flour helps them keep their shape when cooked.

Vegan Cajun Burgers with Mushroom & Black Beans

12. Vegan Big Mac Recipe

Enjoy the world’s most infamous burger vegan-style! With gherkins, special sauce and meat-free patties, it tastes just like the original.

Vegan Big Mac Recipe

13. Za’atar Chickpea Burgers with Apricot Chutney

Za’atar is a middle-eastern seasoning made up of various herbs and spices. It adds a real kick to these brilliant burgers, as does the tomato and apricot chutney.

Za’atar Chickpea Burgers with Heirloom Tomato & Apricot Chutney

14. Vegan In & Out Burgers

Fast-food favourites In & Out get a vegan makeover with this delicious vegan recipe from superstar chef Gaz Oakley!

Vegan In & Out Burgers

15. Vegan Black Lentil, Pistachio and Shiitake Mushroom Burger

Inspired by a bad burger experience to create something a hundred times better, the writer of this recipe has made a vegan burger that can be made with common pantry options and tastes incredible.

Vegan Black Lentil, Pistachio and Shiitake Mushroom Burger Recipe

16. Vegan Chana Masala Veggie Burger with Mint Chutney Mayo

These heavy burger patties may be filling, but you’ll enjoy every bite! The chana masala spices and chickpea texture make them different and exciting, and they’re substantial enough not to fall apart on the grill!

Vegan Chana Masala Veggie Burger with Mint Chutney Mayo

17. Vegan Mushroom Bean Burger

Mushrooms are similar in taste and texture to meat, so these burgers are great for serving up to your meat-eater friends. It’s a simple recipe that can be made vegan, vegetarian and/or gluten-free.

Vegan Mushroom Bean Burger Recipe

18. Best Darn Veggie Burgers

Grillable or perfect for making a couple of days in advance, these mushroom and rice-based burgers have an amazing smoky flavour from the seasonings and spices.

Best Darn Veggie Burgers

19. The Big Bhaji Burger

Believe us when we say this is one of the most delicious vegan burger recipes you will ever try! Instead of a plant-based patty, BOSH! have sandwiched a crispy onion bhaji burger topped with mango chutney into a fluffy white roll. YUM!

The Big Bhaji Burger Recipe

20. Vegan Mega Burger with Seitan

The pan-fried seitan steaks are great in burgers, but also fantastic on their own. They’re slathered in an incredible potato and carrot cheese sauce and taste best served with slices of grilled sweet potato.

Vegan Mega Burger with Seitan

21. Vegan Curry Seitan and Black-Eyed Pea Burgers

For a great, last-minute dinner, try these seitan and black-eyed pea burgers. If you have any leftover curry sauce sitting in the fridge, pop it in to intensify the flavour.

Vegan Curry Seitan and Black-Eyed Pea Burgers

22. High-Protein Vegan Burgers

For a protein-filled option (over 38 grams per burger) with a very meaty texture, this recipe is wonderful. We’re intrigued by the use of maple syrup – apparently it adds to the taste without making the burgers sweet.

High-Protein Vegan Burgers

23. Green Goddess Pesto Burger

Pesto fans rejoice! These baked burgers are filled with green goodness, from leaves to legumes. They’re filled with iron and just bursting with basil and garlic.

Green Goddess Pesto Burger

Enjoyed these vegan burger recipes?

Skip the takeout, save yourself money and make one of these tasty vegan takeaway recipes!

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