Vegan Recipes

Cook the best vegan recipes from around the world. Discover delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes, easy Vegan Lunch Recipes to inspire you, mouthwatering Vegan Dinner Recipes, plus of course plenty of Vegan Desserts!

37 easy vegan breakfast ideas that will keep you full until lunch

These deliciously satisfying vegan breakfast ideas will keep you feeling full and energised right the way through to lunch.

Vegan Yuba Bacon Sandwich

This vegan yuba bacon is filled with smoky, umami flavours and tastes great in a sandwich with thick, fluffy bread and your favourite sauce. 

Vegan Turmeric Dosa Filled With Coconut Dahl

This recipe for vegan turmeric dosa is a simple way to enjoy a delicious dosa at home – no specialist ingredients or equipment needed!


Balsamic Roasted Pumpkin Salad

This hearty pumpkin salad is colourful and full of seasonal flavour. Serve warm or cold as a side or a light meal!

Mexican-Style Vegan Stuffed Potato Skins

Crispy, cheese-stuffed potato skins will be the star of any gathering. Serve as a sports day snack, on a party buffet, or as a side!

‘Squa-sage’ Rolls with Butternut Squash

This recipe for 'squa-sage' rolls with butternut squash is packed with veggies and perfect for a plant-based party platter...

Vegan Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

This creamy pumpkin sauce, infused with gorgeous garlic and sultry sage, makes the perfect addition to an autumnal pasta dish

Chilli Cheeseburger Nachos

Nancy Sinatra's boots were made for walking, but these vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Nachos were made for sharing!

26 vegan curries for easy weeknight dinners

These vegan curries will give you some fresh inspiration for your favourite night of the week, drawing recipes from around the world.


Vegan Pumpkin Spice Parfait

This spiced pumpkin pudding is a refreshing yet indulgent treat to enjoy after an autumnal roast dinner...

Autumn Fruit & Nut Brittle

Crunchy shards of autumn fruit and nut brittle make the perfect sweet treat. Why not make a batch to give as a last-minute gift?

Vegan Honeycomb with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

This honeycomb recipe is so simple to make. With just four ingredients it's a quick and easy treat to appease sugar cravings.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

This vegan pumpkin bread is soft, sweet, and filled with traditional pumpkin spices - The perfect companion to your PSL!

14 delicious vegan cookies to bake when you need a sweet treat

Discover the ultimate vegan cookie recipes with our round-up of 12 nutty, chocolatey and sugary cookies for the perfect vegan sweet treat.


Vegan Lemon and Lime Shortbread

These simple, zesty lemon and lime shortbreads are a must for your biscuit tin - and they make great gifts, too!

Vegan Cream Tea

Soft, crumbly scones are topped with rich cashew cream and your favourite jam in this British classic vegan cream tea.

Fluffy American-Style Pancakes with Berry, Mint and Lime Compote

Break from the pancake day norm with a zesty berry compote and smooth vegan yoghurt atop a mountain of fluffy vegan American-style pancakes.

How to make your own pistachio milk, hemp milk and quinoa milk

Grown a bit weary of the usual oat or almond milk? Try making three new alternative vegan plant milks with these easy recipes.

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte with Maple Whip Cream Recipe

Try this zero waste vegan pumpkin spice latte recipe to make the most of your leftover pumpkins this Fall. It's cosy, creamy and delicious!

Vamped-Up Vegan Bloody Mary Recipe

Vamp up your juices with this delicious, alcohol-free Bloody Mary recipe. Rich with nutritional ingredients to help you feel your best.


20 indulgent vegan Easter treats for spring celebrations

Discover a delicious array of dairy-free sweet treats to tempt you in our round-up of the most indulgent and egg-citing vegan Easter recipes.

Vegan Hot Cross Buns

Get ready for Easter with this tropical twist to the classic vegan hot cross buns. The tropical fruit adds an extra level of sweetness.


‘Poisoned’ Vegan Black Toffee Apples for Halloween

Sink your fangs into these vegan black toffee apples, and enchant your Halloween guests with a treat that's as delicious as it is dark.

Vegan Brain Cupcakes

These vegan brain cupcakes are great for Halloween parties for all ages. The frosting is simple to pipe but looks perfectly ghoulish!

Vegan Halloween Hummus & Tortilla Graveyard

Create your own vegan Halloween hummus with this fun-to-make recipe! The black olives are a perfect base for the tortilla chip gravestones.

Vegan Halloween Burgers

These vegan Halloween burgers are great for both kids and adults; the extra edible details make the burger look like a pumpkin.

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