Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

Vegan pizzeria to open a vegan cheese factory in the UK

A vegan pizzeria has just secured funding to allow them to open a vegan cheese factory where they will be making a dairy and palm-oil-free mozzarella using all-natural ingredients. 

vegan cheese factory uk

Vegan pizzeria Purezza has won £35,000 of initial funding for a concept called Mozzarella 2.0, which involves the factory production of a vegan lab-crafted mozzarella.

The competition, called Pitch + Plant, was run by London-based events company Vevolution. It specialises in marketing and promoting vegan products and services. Purezza – already famous for manufacturing its own pizza cheeses – pitched their top-secret mozzarella recipe, dubbed Mozzarella 2.0, and their plan to sell to retailers and restaurant chains.

vegan cheese factory uk

The cheese is made from all natural ingredients, unlike other dairy-free alternatives currently available on the market, and is completely free from cholesterol, gluten, nuts, chemical additives and palm oil. It also contains only a fraction of the saturated fat content of regular cheese.

Tim Barclay, co-founder and co-owner of Purezza, said: “This investment is extremely exciting for us, and sets the wheels in motion for where we want to take the business. We’ll be continuing to raise funds for the factory in the coming weeks, and look forward to distributing our mozzarella to stores and restaurants in the near future.”

Purezza plans to fundraise for the additional costs of the factory via Crowdcube in the near future.



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