Vegan Kids

Kickers goes vegan with its new school shoes collection

Kickers launch its first durable vegan school shoes range as part of its Back to School collection with prices from £42

Plant Based School Kitchens company set to launch across the UK

Plant Based School Kitchens plans UK roll-out of vegan school lunches following its successful first partnership with Our Lady of Sion School

1,700 New York public schools to have Vegan Fridays to tackle healthcare crisis

New York City's mayor has launched his revolutionary 'Vegan Fridays' campaign in all 1,700 public schools in the city

Heinz to launch a plant-based baby food range this summer

Condiment giant Heinz is launching a plant-based baby food range in all major retailers this summer, aiming to help parents with weaning.

Do vegan students perform better in school?

Eating a vegan diet offers a myriad of benefits for health, but can eating a vegan diet also help students to perform better at school too?

Raising your child vegan? 5 reasons why they will thank you

Here are 5 reasons why your children, the animals and the planet will thank you for raising your child on a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Start-Rite Shoes launches its first-ever vegan children’s shoes due to consumer demand

Children's footwear specialist of 228 years, Start-Rite Shoes, has launched its first-ever vegan school shoe range in time for the end of lockdown.

Climate change education in schools: Should it be mandatory?

Should climate change education in schools be mandatory? Charlotte Willis explores the role of youth and education in the climate debate.

Feeding vegan kids: What healthy vegan children eat

More and more parents are choosing to raise their children vegan, but sensational headlines supposedly highlighting the plight of vegan infants can scare the life out of you. Dr Justine Butler from Viva! investigates…

Will our kids be the ones that change the planet for the better?

Philip Mansbridge from ProVeg looks at how the younger generation may be the ones to change the planet for the better.

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