Nine of the best vegan-friendly eateries around the UK

Read Time:   |  3rd November 2016

Join Shannon Blanks as she explores nine of the best vegan-friendly eateries around the country. From the North to the South, be prepared to give your taste buds a treat…

Published on 3 Nov 2016


The Canvas Café


42 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL

Brick Lane is known for its diverse vintage stores and hipster atmosphere, but take a turn onto  Hanbury Street and you will find London’s first Happy Café.

The Canvas Café nurtures all aspects of your well-being, with their homemade, local, ethical food. Although not entirely vegan, their simple but delicious menu consists of colourful salads, homemade smoothies and raw cakes that are suitable for a vegan diet. However, what truly makes this café unique is their invention of the incredible vegan freakshakes. After seeing news feeds on Instagram that were filled with extravagant concoctions, the Canvas Café decided to get creative and make some vegan versions,  so we don’t have to miss out. They include tasty flavours such as raspberry and avocado, but they are working on some more varities, which you can expect to see soon!

Most famous for:

Their freakshakes

Nama Foods


110 Talbot Road, W11 1JR

Notting Hill is home to divine eateries and secluded spots, which many vegans are excluded from,  but head to Talbot Road and divulge in food galore at the Nama Foods raw food restaurant.

Tucked away in a shady spot, this restaurant is perfect for any occasion and will satisfy all your cravings. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offering a brunch and divine dessert menu too, you can visit here whenever you fancy. It is 100 per cent vegan, so you won’t be given a separate menu or left to make a meal from the side dishes. You get to enjoy everything they have to offer, whether it be the chocolate caramel cake, their signature pizza or their filling breakfast wrap.

They also offer raw food cooking classes, so you can spend your free time making culinary delights.


Maitreya Social


89 St Mark’s Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6HY

If you are heading to Bristol, be sure to visit Maitreya Social for a cosy atmosphere and great vegan food. They are 100 per cent vegetarian, but they offer a great range of vegan options. Their most popular recently has been the aubergine, sweetcorn and cashew roulade with a side of polenta fries. Their menu is simple and contemporary and you can expect hearty, delicious meals that are affordable. They are also an art space, so you can enjoy the independent art while you dine or head there on a  weekend to experience their live music events and performances.

Most famous for:

Their aubergine, sweetcorn and cashew roulade comes with a side of rosemary and garlic polenta fries, sun-dried tomato salsa and dressed lentils


The Loungers

Estero Lounge (3rd June 2016)

27A Mann Island, Liverpool, Waterfront, L3 1BP

Everyone loves a classic upmarket pub/bistro that makes you feel at home and welcomes you with open arms every time you visit. The Loungers serves food all day and caters for both coeliacs and vegans. Their unique atmosphere makes this place a great hangout spot. So grab a board game, order food and spend your time huddled in this homely restaurant.

Most famous for:

Their Thai spiced quinoa burger and vegan breakfast


Ice Shack


160-164 Wellington Road, Withington, Manchester, M20 3FU

It is rare to come across a specific vegetarian and vegan dessert parlour, but the Ice Shack serves you all kinds of vegan goodness. Founded by a group of family and friends who have a love of serving incredible desserts at an affordable price, they have created a vast range of delectable treats, all of which you can enjoy! To be extra ethical, all the parlour furniture is either reclaimed, donated or recycled and they like to save paper, so don’t expect a paper receipt. This place may be small, and a local hangout for Manchester’s vegans, but they are sure to make you feel at home and there is no doubt you will love everything you try. 




Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR

Hummus goes well with so many foods, such as raw sticks of carrot or broccoli, plus it’s great to add to many dishes as a side dip. However, after travelling around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, sampling great meals based purely on hummus, pita bread and falafel, Humpit Hummus decided to create a niché little place where everyone could come and learn to love hummus in all its glory. Order their Humpit Classic when you visit, it’s their most popular dish, consisting of hummus, topped with whole chickpeas, olive oil, parsley and paprika, and accompanied with a warm fluffy pit on the side. 

Most famous for:

Their Humpit Classic


Boston Tea Party


190 Corporation St, Birmingham, B4 6QD

Boston Tea Party is a modern independent British café with a mission to serve good things in great  spaces that nourish the body, as well as warm the heart. Refusing to compromise on quality or ethics, they seek openness and integrity, as well as being determined to keep their independent spirit alive.

Getting that balance correct is always the key, they aim to remain as a café to be discovered and their brown rice porridge and super salad are sure to be worth the visit!

Most famous for:

Their brown rice porridge and super salad

Cherry Reds


Kings Heath, 16 York Road, B14 7RZ

Travelling can always make you reach for unhealthy quick options, and train stations are never usually a place where vegans can flourish when it comes to dining. However, a stone’s throw away from New Street station, Cherry Reds offers some great vegan alternatives. Famous for their hearty vegan breakfast, this place is a must visit for early mornings, plus when you get those afternoon sweet cravings, their vegan cakes will certainly hit the spot.

Most famous for:

Their vegan cakes and hearty vegan breakfast




The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Road, Brighton

Fancy junk food without the junk? Beelzebab caters 100 per cent for vegans who are craving hot dogs, kebabs and loaded fries. They offer a variety of each, allowing you to pig out on all the things you miss from your pre-vegan days. They also do ice cream and brownies that you can have as a naughty treat afterwards. Order a pint and a doner kebab and sit back and enjoy your ‘cheat day’, which when you think about it, isn’t unhealthy at all! 

Most famous for:
Their signature beelzebab kebab

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