Treat your skin this winter with House of Life’s natural vegan skincare

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Guiltlessly indulge in a bit of pampering and turn back time this winter with House of Life’s 100% natural vegan anti-ageing skincare.

house of life vegan skincare

Skin is the largest organ on our body and is the only one exposed to the world taking a daily battering from all the elements. As much as we want to care for it, so often we’ve heard of animals being cruelly tested just to find a new serum or moisturise to rub across our skin. For us, finding ethical, vegan skincare is the gold dust to guiltlessly indulge in a bit of pampering.

You can imagine our joy when House of Life reached out to us with their 100% natural and organic anti-ageing solutions. Reading the ingredients of sea buckthorn, parsley, lemon, mint, hops, and potato across various products we became all too aware of just how natural these products were.

They boast an impressive sustainability policy too as they plant a tree for every one used in their packaging, all of which is fully recyclable.

On that note their packaging is beautiful. Front and centre is the emblem, the Flower of Life which is just a wonderful touch as it represents rebirth and regeneration – don’t we all want that for our skin!

We were lucky enough to try out some of their products to go beyond just the aesthetics and get a real feel for the brand and how their products work on your skin.

No. 11 – Blemish & Age-Spot Corrector

£85 for 15ml

According to House of Life, this product helps to minimise the appearance of age spots and boost skin renewal, revealing a more even, healthy-looking complexion. The key ingredients include tetterworth, tilia, and geulder rose, and for us this made it quite an overpowering smell which came across very grassy and potent.

The texture of the product itself is quite oily so when using it make sure you’ve cupped your hand in anticipation. Due to its consistency it’s easy to apply to the face and neck so when you massage it into your clean skin you do get a sense of your skin being smoothed out.

house of life vegan skincare

We did find the product quite rich which would be excellent for dry skin. As our tester had neutral, young skin it was a bit overpowering as an everyday product but using it a few times in the week left it feeling smooth and hydrated. The verdict was that usage would increase as the tester got older and her skin demanded more of the hydrating quality of No. 11, but for now it was a now and again product.

No. 13 – body nutrients boost

£69 for 100ml

This product was designed to help accelerate skin repair, boost skin nutrition and enhance skin elasticity, tone, radiance and texture while working to help defend from the causes of ageing. Developed with beggaritics, sea buckthorn, and burdock you get a calming botanical aroma as you breathe this product in.

No.13 is an oil blended serum which lends itself to being used sparingly following a facial skincare ritual. The silky texture of the oil softens skin, soothing the tension in your face and allowing a moment to unwind and focus inward on this relaxing routing.

house of life vegan skincare

For skin that’s prone to being on the dry side, this luxurious, restorative treat soaks into your skin to leave it soft and enriched. After a few days of use, our tester found that their skin felt smooth and moisturised. The verdict was strong approval with them adding it into their daily routine.

No. 20 – Absolute Facial Corrector


House of Life claim that this product helps to boost skin nutrition and accelerates repair while enhancing elasticity, radiance, firmness and minimise the appearance of open pores, age spots, rosacea, acne outbreaks, lines and wrinkles.

With the key ingredients being sea buckthorn, burdock, and horsetail the smell isn’t quite as powerful as the other products we tested but almost has a sandalwoody smell to it.

house of life vegan skincare

Similarly to the others the texture of this product was quite oily so it easily glided across your face to settle into the pores to work their magic. One pump is definitely plenty to ensure that there’s no excess and the oil easily absorbs into your skin. It leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth following application.

As the oil is a rich product our tester found that they preferred to use it every other day to top up their skins moisture, where using it daily was a bit overpowering for their slightly combination skin. The strong verdict was that it was a relaxing product that helped to reinvigorate the skin.

The Jade Roller


House of Life sell the face roller in tandem with their products to enhance the blends’ effectiveness. They mentioned that jade in particular helps to detoxify, ease wrinkles, boost radiance and skin tone, while helping to relax the nervous system and rebalance your inner energy.

house of life vegan skincare

We’d recommend lying down when you use this product. After applying one of the moisturising serums this roller really does help you relax. With two different sides to help transition from cheeks, to eye brows, to nose, if gives you the sensation of your very own facial massage.

Our verdict was that this was the perfect topper to end your facial regime on to send you right off to sleep in a relaxing state of mind.

Please note that House of Life is not a completely vegan brand as products No. 30, No. 31, and No. 32 contain beeswax (cera alba) and so are their only non-vegan products in the range.

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