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Read Time:   |  25th April 2023

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Forget harsh chemicals for effective cleaning and unlock the powers of enzyme cleaning with Aroma Care Solutions


You don’t need harsh chemicals for effective odour removal and cleaning. You just need the power of nature’s own enzymes.

Enzyme cleaning is becoming more popular all around the world as people discover a more natural and healthier way to clean and deal with odour caused by issues such as human and pet urine, faeces, vomit, bins, sweat, wet pet fur and more. Learn more about enzyme cleaning here.

At Aroma, we have been using the power of natural enzymes within commercial cleaning, for decades and are proud to now bring Bio one™ to the home.

Bio one™ is 100% natural, PH neutral, Vegan registered, not tested on animals, and safe to use around pets and children and proud to be Made in Britain.

Our products are designed simply – we apply the same science that nature does. Using enzymes to eliminate the odour at the source rather than masking it. LIVE LOVE CLEAN.

Bio one is 100% natural, and safe for kids, babies, pets and the environment. Vegan Society approved and chemical FREE.

We have harnessed the science of nature’s own cleaning, enzymes, to bring you a range that is powerful yet kind, and not just because we say it – but because science says it!

Enzymes love to consume any carbon-based matter, so is a powerful solution for human or pet urine, faeces, vomit, milk, mould, grease, odours, drains, bins, litter trays, nappy bins, dirt, wet fur odour, old food etc.

Essentially anything that is going to get smelly or dirty, our enzymes love.

Credit: Aroma Care Solutions

Credit: Aroma Care Solutions


The Science behind enzyme cleaning

Nature’s natural enzymes are no secret in the realms of the cleaning, manufacturing and agriculture world.

Enzymatic cleaning has been unearthed by eco-conscious souls and thoroughly researched and recognised over the years. We could give you a science lesson and delve into the whole organic process step by step, but take our word for it, and we won’t bore you with the slides!

Eager to live more responsibly, enzyme cleaning is becoming more and more popular around the world as eco-passionate people discover a better, healthier way of cleaning. Our products are designed simply- we apply the same science that nature uses.

Our Bio one cleaning range does not cause skin irritation or environmental issues. This is a natural cleaning life hack to substitute harsh chemicals such as the ones used in bleach, soaps and detergents.

The other thing? It really works too. Bio one comes in a concentrated form, and once diluted with tap water, the enzymes spring to life. The live mixed solution stays active for about two weeks, and once sprayed will continue to work whilst the area is damp.

Keep reading to order your Bio one range and enjoy free delivery!

Credit: Aroma Care Solutions

Credit: Aroma Care Solutions


Shop the Bio one™ range

Bio one™ deep clean and surface cleanser

250ml bottle makes 11 bottles – 2.75 litres of solutions: Buy now for £14.55
500ml makes 22 bottles – 5.5 litres: Buy now for £26.87

Bio one deep clean and surface cleaner

Bio one™ Deep Clean and surface cleanser loves dirt, grease and grime as much as it loves bad odour!

Bio one™ gets to the root of the dirt, breaking it down with enzymes, to clean, degrease and cleanse all surfaces throughout your home, using naturally activating bio enzymes to leave your surfaces grime free, naturally.

And because it is completely natural, you can use it everywhere around your home, just mix with tap water and you are ready to go. It’s pet-friendly, safe to use around children, perfect for vegan cleaning and safe for the environment.

Scented with beautiful natural oils of pink grapefruit.

Bio one™ pet odour remover and refresher

*Starter pack* 250ml concentrate makes 7 bottles – 1.9 litres: Buy now for £18.95
500ml concentrate makes 14 bottles – 3.8litres: Buy now for £32.25

Bio one pet starter pack

250ml bottle of concentrate makes 1.9 litres of solution, that’s nearly 7 bottles! Includes FREE professional microfibre cloth and mix + spray bottle plus FREE delivery.

The 100% natural way to eliminate pet odours caused by: Urine, Faeces, Vomit, Pet beds, Litter Trays, Toilet training, muddy paws, and damp fur and is suitable for use in the air, soft furnishings, carpets, hard floors, pet beds, astroturf and more.

The Bio one™ pet odour eliminator spray permanently eliminates pet odours using naturally activating bio enzymes.

Chemical FREE, eco-friendly and vegan registered – perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits or any pet.

Bio one™ leaves your home odour free with just the natural oils of lemon, orange and neroli flower remaining.

Bio one™ odour eliminator and deep cleaner

250ml concentrate makes 8 bottles – 2.1litres: Buy now for £18.45
500ml eco bottle makes 11 bottles – 4.2 litres: Buy now for £30.99

Bio one Natural Odour Eliminator bottle

The bundle includes a FREE professional microfibre cloth and mix + spray bottle. Permanently eliminate odours using only naturally activating good enzymes and NO harsh chemicals.

Bio one™ targets odour at the source, removing bad bacteria permanently, leaving your home clean and fresh with the beautiful smell of grapefruit and tea tree.

The odour eliminator and deep cleaner is the 100% natural way to eliminate odours caused by: urine, faeces, vomit, milk, trainers, mould, dampness, toilets, tobacco, pet litter, animals, food, bins, drains…and more.

About Aroma Care Solutions

Aroma Care Solutions is built on five decades of professional cleaning experience and scientific cleaning development within the retail and industrial cleaning market.

We are pioneers in our world of cleaning – we don’t believe that professional-grade products should be kept exclusively for the world of industrial and commercial cleaners. We want to unleash this power of performance and share it with a new generation who have a passion for cleaning.

Customers who are ethically and environmentally aware, who want the very best for their home- but not at the planet’s expense.

Professional environments are expected to be spotless, stain and odour free amongst managing an infinite number of challenges which public spaces can bring, including vast areas and huge footfalls.

With this in mind, we took everything that we have learned in the secretive world of industrial cleaning and developed cutting-edge products that bring gleaming results to the home, responsibly.

Infused with beautiful, balmy botanicals our Bio one™ Range, is a revolutionary product designed to ‘wow.’ We’ve utilised the power of nature and created a high-performance cleaning range with a 100% natural enzyme-based formula.

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