Scarlett Johansson launches inclusive vegan skincare range

Author: Elena Amoroso

Read Time:   |  11th March 2022

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Scarlett Johansson debuts her new highly anticipated vegan skincare range that is universal and sustainable


Scarlett Johansson has gone back to basics with her new vegan skincare range.

Titled The Outset, Johansson’s new venture includes moisturisers, cleansers, and collagen serums utilising a ‘consciously clean’ vegan formula.

The range is based on a simple skincare routine of cleanse, prep and moisturise, which spans across five products.

Furthermore, this minimalist range is free from harsh ingredients as well as gender stereotypes.

Credit: StyleCaster

Credit: StyleCaster


Vegan skincare by Scarlett Johansson

Not only is the range vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, but it is also suitable for those with gluten and nut allergies. 

The packaging itself has been consciously designed to be as sustainable as possible, with bio-resin, glass and recycled materials being the core materials. 

Moreover three of the new lineup – The Cleanser, The Prep Serum and The Moisturizer – can all be refilled to elongate the container lifespan. 

The Outset collection is now available online and from beauty retailer Sephora from April 26th.

Back to basics

“I’ve found that great skin starts with the basics, and consumers we spoke with similarly expressed a desire to return to the essentials,” said Johansson in a statement.

Bringing it back to the basics was an important part of the brand identity, and as a regular face for other beauty campaigns, Johansson wanted this to be her own mark on the industry.

After years of research and development, she can now represent the brand she has created with the world. 

“The Outset means a new beginning, which feels more relevant than ever at a time when we are all starting over and pressing the rest button.”

Johansson is one of the latest celebrities to delve into the vegan beauty industry. Recently Harry Styles has launched his own gender-neutral beauty range, Kylie Jenner modified her beauty range to be vegan-friendly, and Rihanna is always exploring new endeavours. 

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Source: Plant Based News

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