Sam’s Veganuary journey: Finding the right milk alternative

Read Time:   |  19th January 2017

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Our advertising executive Sam is going vegan! Join him as he talks us through his experience of going vegan, gives his insight on the products that can help you transition, and gives advice on how to overcome any obstacles that a change in lifestyle can throw up… If you have any advice for him, please do share it in the comments below! 

If there’s a single thing I can confidently say that I’ve learnt during my Veganuary experiment without miscommunication or fear of derision, it’s that vegans are not at a loss when it comes to milk alternatives.

The development of soy and nut milks has been swift in its expansion and ‘Johnny Consumer’ is now inundated with variety; a variety that simply wasn’t here as little as five years ago. We’ve reached a stage where – from hemp to cashew – there is a milk alternative for any occasion.

The only downside it that, as a newcomer to these products, it can be difficult to know where to start; which is why I’m here, I guess.

If you’re making the change to veganism strictly for health reasons, you can reduce you sugar intake vastly with Ecomil’s totally sugar free product line of milks, which range from coconut to hazelnut and hemp. Ecomil also produce cuisine milks, so – if you’re extremely talented – you can make a curry nearly as good as mine.

I’ve found that almond and soy milk alternative supplement coffee – that aromatic nectar that I’m such a slave to – best. Alpro’s soy milk is a good starting point and Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze is also delicious.

Oat milk might not sound immediately tempting for anyone not already baptised by non-dairly milks, but it is amazing in cereal and used for porridge. Oatly are the obvious choice and also create cream and custard products which are equally delicious. If you like a frothy coffee or lattee than you’re in luck as they also have a special foamable Barista milk that isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy, and lets you create perfectly Instagramable art in your latte.

A positive when it comes to milk alternatives is that there is a mild sense of adventurism and experimentation for newcomers. I would suggest trying as many as possible in different scenarios to establish what you prefer for which situation. Some might like cashew milks in their tea, coconut for coffee and unsweetened hemp in their cereal – you sick puppies!

Find out how Sam’s Veganuary journey is going here!

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