In the kitchen with Miles Kasiri

Read Time:   |  5th February 2020

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Ex-athlete turned nutritionist Miles talks junk food, travelling and his favourite restaurant.


On a mission to show that veganism and fitness go hand in hand, Miles runs the popular vegan YouYube channel Healthy Crazy Cool, where he shares healthy recipes, discusses vegan nutrition and never shies away from talking about controversial topics. He is also a former professional athlete and clinical nutritionist. We met up with him to find out more…

When did you go vegan and why?

I went vegan four years ago, although I had been plant-based for many years prior. Growing up I naturally drifted towards plant-based foods and always had an aversion to meat.

I was advised to eat animal protein back when I was competing in sport because back then even being vegetarian was questionable for athletes. As soon as I stopped, and my diet was left to my own accord, I went vegan effortlessly.

Have health and fitness always played a role in your life?

Yes, from a very young age (around five or six) I started training daily in tennis and swimming. By the age of 13 I was playing tennis for Great Britain and got to the final of Junior Wimbledon when I was 17.

The training I did back then was very intense but my body became accustomed to it. I still enjoy training now, but it’s more for fun and to feel my best both mentally and physically.

Tell us what you do on an average day…

My day-to-day life is very different especially because I have started travelling again this year. But typically I like to wake up very early and start my day with a workout (usually swimming, weights or circuit training) and then during the day I will usually be filming or editing videos for my YouTube channel.

I can sometimes spend up to 10 hours in a row editing a video but I make sure I take breaks and get out in nature as much as possible. In the evenings, I always meet up with friends or family and love more than anything to go out for good food, relax and spend time with people I love.


What kind of food do you enjoy eating?

My favourite food in the world is tropical fruits such as watermelon, mangoes and papaya! I could eat fruit all day long, for me it’s like candy. But I eat a very balanced vegan diet with loads of greens, healthy fats, protein, etc with most of my meals. I do have a mega addiction to tahini which I consume in massive quantities daily and just cannot live without!

Do you ever eat vegan junk food?

I don’t crave junk food but I definitely eat it as and when I want. When I go out to eat with friends I’ll always be ordering a nice vegan pizza or burger and fries followed by some good vegan ice cream, because food is about pleasure as well as nourishment!

Favourite restaurant?

I think the best vegan food I’ve ever had was at Sage in LA. But I also really love The Black Cat Café in London.

Activism, yes or no?

I think there are many different forms of activism and we all have our own way of promoting veganism. My way is to show people how enjoyable a plant-based diet can be.

Tell us about your work with nutrition brand Vivo Life…

Being an ambassador for Vivo Life has been a blessing because I am able to promote products that I genuinely enjoy and use daily. Plus their ethical values and beliefs are completely in line with my own.

And finally, plans for the future?

Keep inspiring people with my videos and travel the world again with the intention of appreciating the beauty of places.

I’ll order a vegan pizza, because food is about pleasure as well as nourishment!


Follow Miles on Instagram and YouTube @healthycrazycool.

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