Hungary bans fur farming, but excludes chinchillas

Read Time:   |  26th November 2020

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Hungary has banned the farming of mink, foxes, polecats and coypu for their fur, but campaigners are calling for chinchillas to be included too.


It’s been a huge victory for animal rights groups this week, with the closure of Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark and now the ban of fur farming in Hungary. However, the ban in Hungary does not mention chinchillas, and the Humane Society International/Europe is calling for their inclusion.

Hungary’s Ministerial Commissioner of Animal Protection has announced the ban on farming mink, foxes, polecats and coypu in the wake of fears about zoonotic diseases after Covid-19. None of these species are currently farmed for fur in Hungary, but the ban is a precautionary measure to prevent it in the future.

The HSI applauded the new ban but is urging Hungary to include chinchillas to fully protect both people and animals. This is because Chinchillas are currently farmed in Hungary, and in huge numbers. Therefore, the exclusion doesn’t make the greatest amount of sense.


‘Symbol politics’

Dr Joanna Swabe, senior director of public affairs for Humane Society International has said the ban is more than just “symbol politics”.

“There is a very real and present danger that fur farmers from elsewhere in Europe may attempt to move their operations to Hungary and set up shop there.

“This is a precautionary measure that shuts the door to that happening, and that is a good outcome for human health and animal welfare.

“For as long as the animal exploitation of fur farming is tolerated, the potential for reservoirs of animal to human pathogens will persist, and so HSI hopes that the Hungarian government will also consider strengthening its ban by shutting down the country’s chinchilla fur farms too, and make fur farming history in Hungary.” 

The end of fur?

Animal rights organisations have made huge progress in the elimination of fur from modern life, with more and more celebrities getting involved. Ricky Gervais has recently joined anti-fur campaigns, declaring “If you buy fur then you buy cruelty.

“Beautiful, innocent, intelligent animals, tortured to death for fashion. Shame on you. Disgusting.”

A bittersweet consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it has accelerated this pace. Iconic fashion magazine Vogue has condemned fur in an article posted on their website this month, highlighting the threat of zoonotic diseases.

Moreover, with mink fur farms across the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Sweden and the United States testing positive for the virus, it seems that we might be seeing the end of this unnecessary animal cruelty. 

Passionate about ending the use of animals in fashion? PETA is calling for Levi’s to use vegan leather.

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