21 sustainable fashion brands everyone should know about

Author: Jackie Lutze

Read Time:   |  27th July 2021

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We’ve rounded up the best sustainable fashion brands for the whole family to help you build your best eco wardrobe.


By now, sustainable fashion has become more than just a buzzword. Consumers are up to speed with the issues that surround the clothing industry and are demanding better products.

While sustainable fashion is not a regulated term, yet, it usually refers to clothing that is made with eco-friendly and organic fabrics, uses slower production models, and uses fewer resources to create.


Best Sustainable Fashion Brands for the Whole Family

1. Mate the Label

If cosy sweatpants and soft henleys are your style, look no further than Mate the Label.

They use all-natural and nontoxic materials for their clothing – like 100% linen and organic cotton, with low impact dyes. They also ship exclusively in eco-friendly packaging.



PACT pays attention to details. They ensure that their entire supply chain is conscious from the growing and harvesting of their organic cotton to the sewing of the garments.

They use non-GMO cotton across their women’s, men’s, and kid’s products and offer carbon-offsetting for their shipping.


3. Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft creates sustainable denim for the whole family. While the traditional pair of jeans takes 1,5000 gallons of water to make, they use less than 10.

They all treat & recycle 98% of the water they use in the process. They skip the bleaching process and opt for Dry Ozone technology instead, making them compliant with the International Social and Environmental & Quality Standards.



Best Sustainable Brands for Women

4. Vitamin A

Using the incredibly sustainable fabric EcoLux™, Vitamin A crafts the best summer and beachwear for women.

All of their fabrics are global Oeko-Tex standard for safe materials and partner with 1% for the Planet to donate a portion of each sale to protect our oceans.


5. Sezane

Parisian chic, but make it sustainable. What started as a vintage shop Sezane has evolved into exquisite, effortless eco-chic clothing.

The company’s upcycling program has given 13,000 garments a new life while diverting them from a landfill. They also donated over 4 million euros to help charitable organizations and children.



sustainable fashion brands

Driven by their experiences in the apparel industry, sister founders wanted to build a brand for women, led by women.

Their whimsical garments are inspired by California and are meticulous with selecting factories, partnering with manufacturers that share their company values and support women empowerment in the workplace.


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Best Sustainable Fashion Brands for Men

7. Asket

Asket’s journey started with a quest to make the perfect t-shirt and has now branched into button-downs, pants, jackets, and undergarments.

They believe in traceability through their entire supply chain and refer to their garments as “From Farm to Finish Line.” For each garment, you can even look up the history.


8. Made Trade

sustainable fashion brands

Made Trade is a family-run business with sustainability and ethics at its core. They are fair trade certified, everything is crafted with planet-friendly materials, and all their products are vegan.

While they also have great items for women and your home, their men’s line is one of the best from a sustainable fashion brand.


9. Tact & Stone

Dedicated to sustainable fabrics and ethical production, Tact & Stone’s line of men’s shirts, tees, and performance wear are a must-have for a sustainable closet.

Additionally, they ensure low water usage for their fabrics, cut down on textile waste, and lower their emissions to be as sustainable as possible.



Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Children

10. Hanna Andersson

Sustainability has been at the reins at Hanna since its inception.

Their foundation is built off of making high-quality clothing that will last and can be handed down, with the intent to reduce excess apparel consumption. They use organic cotton as it is safer for the planet and for kids.


11. Mightly

Mightly offers fair Trade and GOTS certified leggings, dresses, hoodies, and pyjamas for your little ones.

They use non-toxic and kid-safe dyes in their textiles and many of their garments are gender-neutral.


12. Borobabi

sustainable fashion brands

Buy, rent, and return children’s clothing with Borobabi. Their sustainable clothing items for children centre around a model to reduce clothing waste for parents.

They are dedicated to helping build a circular fashion economy that is better for our wallets and the planet.


Best Slow Fashion Brands

13. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn designs impeccable dresses for slow living and in doing so makes slow fashion as chic as possible.

Designed and sewn in LA, all of their garments are made from deadstock fabric and has now started a regenerative farming initiative in an effort to be a solution-driven company.


14. Angela Roi

sustainable fashion brands

Cult-favourite vegan handbag brand Angela Roi is committed to being a cruelty-free and slow fashion brand.

They believe protecting animals is just as important and protecting the environment, so they aim to do both.


15. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has always been ahead of the curve. Her namesake brand has been sustainable and slow focused since the very beginning.

Their gorgeous minimalist garments are created with the best organic fabrics like hemp and linen.


Best Affordable UK Sustainable Fashion Brands

16. People Tree

sustainable fashion brands

People Tree creates the best sustainable garments for everyday at affordable prices.

They still ensure the highest ethical standards at their factories and use natural materials, organic farming, and biodegradable materials.


17. Know the Origin

sustainable fashion brands

Know the Origin is not only sustainable but, as the name suggests, puts traceability at the forefront.

They create affordable basics with eco-materials such as tencel and organic cotton, using ethical factories.


18. Nobody’ Child

Deemed the UK’s version of Reformation, Nobody’s Child also uses a lot of deadstock fabric to create their small, curated collections.

Focusing on small runs helps eliminate textile waste and overproduction.


Best Sustainable Fashion Brands with Eco-Friendly Packaging

19. Arielle

ARIELLE makes quality clothing with no compromise to people or the planet.

It’s dedicated to organic, recycled, and zero-waste fabrics, local manufacturing, a fair-trade supply chain, and plastic-free packaging and production.



All of VETTA’s shipping materials are made from recycled and FSC certified materials.

Their model of creating perfect capsule collections is a great way for any new sustainable fashionista to get their wardrobe started.


21. Whimsy + Row

sustainable fashion brands

Whimsy + Row is a carbon-neutral sustainable clothing brand, meaning for every item shipped they offset the footprint that comes from it.

Their chic and effortless sustainable clothing is a great addition to any closet.


Shopping with sustainable fashion brands is a great first step to becoming an eco-warrior! But becoming a savvy second-hand shopper is even better.

Here are our top tips on how to shop second hand.

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