Clothing with a conscience: Eco friendly fashion

Read Time:   |  20th April 2017

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Alyssa Flynn’s Saved Kisses is showing how fashion can look good and do good too…

Clothing with a conscience: Eco friendly fashion

It is human nature to want to be part of something, to become attached to a concept that makes us feel good, to feel like we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves. And that is where I believe vegan, in the most positive of terms, fits in.

Many people over the last decade have been shifting towards a more ethical, organic vegan diet that is better for their health, for animals and the overall planet, including myself, a 28-year-old hockey wife from Boston.

What we don’t see as often, and what we are on the brink of, is the expansion of this conscious consumption into fashion. Choices are limited, but growing, and the more educated we are on the brands we shop from regularly, the easier it will get. Uncovering the truth of the fashion industry and the reality of it for animals and for the environment is the first step.

Clothing with a conscience: Eco friendly fashion

Taking the first step

The average garment factory worker overseas makes $2 a month sewing in dangerous sweatshops that often collapse on themselves. Water systems are being polluted due to the chemicals and dyes that are dumped into them. Not to mention, over 100 million animals a year are killed to make coats, scarves, bags, shoes and sweaters.

Knowing I can’t solve the catastrophe alone, I still wanted to do something to battle the inhumanity of the industry. So what did I do? I entered the fashion industry, as a first time amateur designer who has never sewn in her life. All I have is a business degree, a vision and a heck of a reason to fight.

After two years of research and design (and becoming vegan), I had the joy of launching my own eco and animal-friendly clothing line last August: Saved Kisses. Locally manufactured resort wear that gives back to animal rescues with every purchase. The idea and tagline behind Saved Kisses is to be “as gentle on animals and the environment as it is on your skin”. 

Clothing with a conscience: Eco friendly fashion

Add an animal

I chose the softest, most comfortable fabrics that cause the least amount of harm to animals and the environment. I took the feeling you get from the fabric of yoga pants or pyjamas, and designed it into jumpsuits, rompers, maxi dresses, bodysuits and tops.

Most importantly, Saved Kisses ensures that no animals were captured and killed in the process, and I even take it a step further by allowing customers to ‘add an animal’ to their cart upon checkout online, enabling them to donate to the animal rescue organization of their choice.

Saved Kisses doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes, no cheap labour is purchased, the fabric mills have strict air quality control, all packaging is produced from recycled materials, and everything is manufactured locally in the USA. I also take pride in our fabric being 92% modal – a non-synthetic based fabric, developed from sustainably harvested beech trees and making it biodegradable.

The next step? Spreading the word and getting Saved Kisses into stores and into the hands of stylish women who appreciate knowing exactly what they are buying. Ultimately, I would love Saved Kisses to be the crusader in a enormous shift in the fashion industry, but more importantly I want to inspire lifestyle. I want the girl wearing our soft, touchable striped fabric to be swaying proudly down the beach, feeling the sand on her toes and the sun on her skin. She is awake, completely connected and aware. Like all vegans, she is healing the world and its animals, not hurting them. She is a part of something bigger than ourselves. That is Saved Kisses.

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