5 Natural Vegan Deodorants You Should Be Using and Why

Author: Victoria Smith

Read Time:   |  24th June 2020

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Stay fresh in the summer heat with these natural vegan deodorants that are kind to your skin, animals and the planet too!


Interest in natural deodorants has been rising rapidly, and within the last year the number of internet searches on the topic surpassed 6.7 million. (1)

This is unsurprising, considering the exponential growth of veganism and environmental concerns in the last few years. But why should we be using them, and what benefits can they bring?

It is no secret that natural products are better for both our delicate skin and the planet. Moreover, the beauty sector generated over 142 billion units of plastic packaging in 2018 – most of which ended up in landfill or the ocean. (2)

While a zero-waste lifestyle can be daunting and seem unattainable, natural deodorants can be seen as a ‘gateway’ into sustainable living.

These five natural brands are actively fighting plastic waste in the beauty industry by innovating new ways of packaging their eco-friendly products, and changing our hygiene routines for the better. Arms up, waste down.

1. Wild

Wild are redefining the future of personal care products with the world’s first completely plastic-free deodorant refill.

The stylish reusable applicator is made from durable aluminium and recycled plastic which stands the test of time, while the bamboo pulp refill is entirely compostable.

 £12, including your reusable case and one refill with a flexible subscription.

£12, including your reusable case and one refill with a flexible subscription.

Moreover, Wild aim to fight the environmental crisis, and for every deodorant sold they donate to climate charity ‘On a Mission’, supporting their reforestation projects.

With five delicious natural fragrances to choose from, you’ll never get bored of being sustainable.


2. Ben & Anna

 Ben and Anna formulated their own natural and sustainable deodorant after unsuccessfully searching for an existing product that met their desires.

Their products are entirely plastic-free, instead using paper tubes or metal tins to encase a soda and shea butter based natural deodorant.

Paper tube, £9.95

Paper tube, £9.95

The German vegan couple are passionate about saving the oceans, and support Munich-based organisation One Earth One Ocean, who aim to keep plastic waste, oil and chemicals out of all bodies of water throughout the world.

With ten glorious scents ranging from Pure to Vanilla Orchid, there’s certainly something for everyone.

3. The Natural Deodorant Co

The Natural Deodorant Co is the only natural deodorant that offers three formulas based on skin type and lifestyle, consisting of: Clean Deodorant Balm, Gentle Deodorant Cream, and Active Deodorant Balm.

The latter is an effective recipe specifically designed for sports and active lifestyles, so you’ll never have to worry about being let down by your natural deodorant.

£12.50 for 55g tub

£12.50 for 55g tub

Their pots are currently transitioning to becoming 100% plastic-free, and are free from ingredients harmful to the planet such as palm oil, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

Moreover, they kindly donate products to The Hygiene Bank, which ensures that those in poverty have access to basic essential hygiene products.

Their everyday deodorant balm comes in five fruity scents that nourish delicate underarm skin and leave you feeling fresh.

4. Nuud

Innovative Dutch brand Nuud has created what they refer to as an ‘anti-odorant’ which is effective for 3-7 days with just one application.

Free from chemicals, alcohol, fragrances and aluminium, Nuud is completely natural with just ten simple ingredients.

£12.95 for their Starter Pack including one 15ml tube

£12.95 for their Starter Pack including one 15ml tube

With environmental concerns at the forefront of their brand, Nuud is packaged in a tube made from sugarcane which not only reduces plastic use, but also CO2 emissions as for each kg of sugarcane produced, 4kg of CO2 is absorbed from the environment. Furthermore, Nuud is shipped CO2 neutral, so it’s carbon footprint is a very round zero.

Nuud is more concentrated than most deodorants, so you need a lot less of it overall – what’s not to like!

5. AKT

London brand AKT was born out of dancers Ed and Andy’s need for a deodorant that would (literally) perform while simultaneously meeting their green ethos.

Their natural deodorant balm is perfect for modern living, and is made using nourishing plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter.

£18 for 50ml tube

£18 for 50ml tube

Completely plastic-free, their balm is instead encased in an aluminium tube which is infinitely recyclable and prevents more plastic from entering our precious ecosystem.

AKT offer three bespoke scents – each with three key notes – to captivate your senses whilst also being gender neutral.

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2) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/long_reads/beauty-industry-plastic-pollution-environment-climate-change-cosmetics-a8697951.html


Written by

Victoria Smith

Vic is a freelance writer and content creator, passionate about ethical and environmental issues. When she’s not busy scribbling away she can be found visiting the best vegan restaurants in the UK and making delicious dairy-free coffees at a café in Essex. Her favourite animals are dogs, cows and pigs and her lifelong dream is to open an animal sanctuary with an onsite vegan café. You can find Vic on Instagram @vicsveganeats

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