Vegan Gardening

Can vegans use animal manure? We explore both sides of the debate

Manure is supposed to enhance your crops, but it comes from an animal, so can vegans use animal manure? We explore both sides of the debate

How to grow herbs even if you don’t have a garden

Growing herbs is simple, even if you don't have a garden. Here are our top tips to help you create your own thriving herb garden at home.

How to attract bees to your garden with plants they love

Bees are critical to our food system, but worryingly bee populations are declining. Here are plants for bees to attract them to your garden.

What is green gardening and why should we be doing it?

Adopting sustainable green gardening practises and saying goodbye to harmful chemicals can combat climate change and attract more wildlife.

Peat free compost – the sustainable choice for vegan gardeners

Gardeners are using more sustainable materials to grow their plants such as peat free compost. But why is peat free compost more sustainable?

How to grow vegetables at home: a beginner’s guide

Lottie Storey pulls on her gardening gloves to show you how to grow vegetables at home even when you're short on space or don't have a garden.

5 simple steps to make your garden wildlife-friendly

Wondering how to make your garden habitable for British wildlife? Here are five steps you can take to make your garden wildlife-friendly.

Green fingers: How to be a vegan gardener

We reveal the secrets to being animal-friendly in the garden. Take a look at these tips to improve your vegan gardening efforts.

Sustainable and the city: How to create a wildlife haven in your city

Whether you live in a concrete jungle or suburban bliss, Charlotte Willis can help turn your patch of green into an wildlife haven.

Learn how to create a wildlife haven in your garden

Worried about insect decline? Tiffany Francis reveals the ways we can attract all kinds of wildlife to our gardens.

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