Published On: Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

Vegan Galaxy and Bounty flavoured non-dairy milkshakes are launching in Asda

Mars is launching two brand new dairy-free milkshake drinks at Asda supermarkets in the UK. 

galaxy non-dairy drink

Chocolate lovers will be pleased to hear that Mars is releasing two non-dairy milkshake style drinks flavoured like two of their most popular chocolate bars – Galaxy and Bounty.

The Galaxy-flavoured drink uses oat milk for a creamy taste and texture while the Bounty-flavoured drink is made using coconut milk to give it it’s signature coconut flavour.

Launching in Asda supermarkets in the UK, the drinks will be available to purchase from Monday 23rd September.

Sharing the news on its Vegan Trademark Instagram account, The Vegan Society wrote: “Do you remember that silky smooth Galaxy® taste? Or do you long for the rich coconut flavour of exotic Bounty®? Well we have exciting news for you chocolate fans!

“Galaxy® Oat and Bounty® Coconut are two brand new non-dairy drinks, bringing you those signature flavours to enjoy once more. Both drinks have no added sugar and are registered with our #VeganTrademark! Available from Monday 23rd September at Asda.”

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