Zinc – why we need it and how to get enough on a vegan diet

Zinc is for your immune system and metabolism function. Ensure you're getting enough with our vegan sources of zinc guide.

Folate: The often overlooked B vitamin

Thought folic acid was something only pregnant people need to worry about? Here's why you need folate and where to get it on a vegan diet.

Vitamin D: Should you be taking a supplement?

Dr Justine Butler, Viva!’s Senior Health Researcher, helps make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and from the right sources...

Vegans and Vitamin B12: Where to get B12 on a vegan diet and how much you really need

It’s simply not true that vegans need to take lots of supplements to stay healthy. Here, we break down B12 and the vegan sources of B12.

Do vegan needs to take supplements to stay healthy?

According to some ‘health’ writers, vegan diets are deficient in vital nutrients. Are we doomed to pop supplement pills?

All about vitamin A: What vegans need to know

Also known as retinol, vitamin A plays an essential part in our health. Dr Justine Butler explains why. Beta-carotene is the most common form of...

Vitamin E: How much do we need and what are the best sources for vegans?

Thought vitamin E was just good for your skin? Justine Butler explains its full range of super powers – and what the best vegan sources of Vitamin E are.

Vitamin B3: How to make sure you’re getting enough on your vegan diet

Vitamin B3 was the third B vitamin to be discovered – hence the name! Find out why we need it and the best vegan sources of vitamin B3...

The essential B vitamin sources for vegans

Dr Justine Butler, Viva!Health’s Senior Researcher, guides you to the essential B vitamin sources.

Why vegans need to know about iodine and selenium

Heather Russell from The Vegan Society tells us about these essential nutrients.

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