Gut Health

Top 20 high-fibre foods that will improve your gut health

Good health starts in the gut, so it's essential to make sure you're eating a variety of high-fibre foods to promote a diverse gut microbiome.

Vegan meats can promote improved gut health, research reveals

A new study reveals that meat-eaters replacing just five meals a week with plant-based meat alternatives can promote improved gut health.

Fermentation: The ancient method behind modern superfoods

As fermented foods grow in popularity, here's why this traditional method of preserving food is both delicious and good for us too.

Gut feeling: The importance of your gut bacteria

Grace Forsythe from Viva! Health discovers that the smallest microbes and gut bacteria can have the biggest of impacts on your gut health.

The ultimate guide to healthy digestion on a vegan diet

Give your gut the right stuff and you’ll feel great – Alessandra Felice investigates the best foods for your digestion on a vegan diet...

Keeping your gut happy and healthy on a vegan diet

Charlotte Willis shows you the key ingredients and lifestyle to keep your gut happy and healthy on a vegan diet with this guide to vegan gut health.

How to make your own fermented foods at home

The healthy benefits of fermented foods are simply amazing! Here you'll learn how to make your own fermented foods at home.

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