Is almond milk good for you? Top 8 health benefits of almond milk explained

Here's everything you need to know about almond milk, including its many health benefits and which variety is right for you.

What’s the difference between lactose intolerance vs cow’s milk allergy?

Dr Justine Butler, Senior Researcher for Viva! Health, explores problems that can arise from having cow’s milk in a diet.

How to optimise bone health with a plant-based diet

It’s not all about sourcing calcium when it comes to keeping your bones in shape. 

What are the best vegan sources of calcium?

Most of us have been brought up to believe that we need cow’s milk for calcium, but there are plenty of vegan foods with calcium.

The white stuff: Which plant milk is the most nutritious?

Veronika Powell from Viva! compares milks to see which ones really do have the white stuff... 

How to get enough calcium on a vegan diet

Heather Russell from The Vegan Society helps you solve the vegan calcium conundrum by showing you where to get calcium on a vegan diet.

Which vegan milk or vegan baby formula is right for my child?

Ailsa McHardy guides us through everything you need to know about vegan milk and vegan baby formula choices for children...

Better bone health: The truth behind the dairy myth

We’ve all heard that children need milk and dairy products to grow up big and strong, while grown-ups need them to have better bone health. But is it true?

Beyond the dairy aisle: The best sources of calcium for vegans

Georgina Young shows us that we don’t have to drink dairy milks or eat cheese to get our required fix of calcium…

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