Vegan Nutrition

Selenium: Why we need it and where to find it on a vegan diet

Discover the benefits of selenium and how to avoid a deficiency as we explore the best selenium foods on a vegan diet.

Zinc – why we need it and how to get enough on a vegan diet

Zinc is for your immune system and metabolism function. Ensure you're getting enough with our vegan sources of zinc guide.

Heart healthy foods: how a vegan diet can help maintain a healthy heart

With its emphasis on heart healthy foods, a vegan diet contains an abundance of the food required to maintain good heart health.

Vegan meats can promote improved gut health, research reveals

A new study reveals that meat-eaters replacing just five meals a week with plant-based meat alternatives can promote improved gut health.

Folate: The often overlooked B vitamin

Thought folic acid was something only pregnant people need to worry about? Here's why you need folate and where to get it on a vegan diet.

Professional cyclist boosts iron levels by 77% by switching to a vegan diet

24-year old professional British Cyclist Cameron Jeffers has switched to a vegan diet in a bid to improve his athletic performance.

Top 10 vegan sources of iron: How to maximise your iron absorption

Make sure you're consuming plenty of these vegan sources of iron to ensure your body is getting everything it needs from your vegan diet.

Over 65s in Ireland told to eat more meat, fish, dairy and eggs

A new report is urging Ireland's over 65s to eat more meat, fish, dairy and eggs for 'high quality protein' sources.

Study finds Quorn protein equivalent to animal protein for muscle synthesis

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found Quorn protein to be equivalent to animal protein in muscle protein synthesis.

Fermentation: The ancient method behind modern superfoods

As fermented foods grow in popularity, here's why this traditional method of preserving food is both delicious and good for us too.

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