Can a whole food plant-based diet relieve asthma symptoms?

Sophia Millar investigates the link between our diet and asthma, and discovers how a plant-based diet can improve symptoms of asthma.

Is a vegan diet healthy?

We guide you through what you need to know to optimise the health benefits of your plant-based diet and find out is a vegan diet healthy?

A plant-based diet may be the cure for migraine patients, case study finds

A case study has uncovered a possible link between plant-based diets and the treatment of severe headaches in migraine sufferers.

What are the benefits of a whole food plant based diet?

Going vegan is one of the most positive changes you can make for your health. But what are the benefits of a plant-based diet you will enjoy?

Heart healthy foods: how a vegan diet can help maintain a healthy heart

With its emphasis on heart healthy foods, a vegan diet contains an abundance of the food required to maintain good heart health.

Vegan meats can promote improved gut health, research reveals

A new study reveals that meat-eaters replacing just five meals a week with plant-based meat alternatives can promote improved gut health.

Soya allergy: The causes, symptoms and how to treat it

Soya is one of the most common foods that cause allergic reactions. Here's how to tell whether you have a soya allergy and how to treat it.

Cholesterol: How eating a vegan diet can lower your cholesterol levels

We can’t live without cholesterol, but too much can be deadly. Here’s all you need to know about cholesterol and how to create a good balance.

Professional cyclist boosts iron levels by 77% by switching to a vegan diet

24-year old professional British Cyclist Cameron Jeffers has switched to a vegan diet in a bid to improve his athletic performance.

Discover the unknown health benefits of chickpeas

Chelsea Rose Plaskitt discovers how chickpeas host a range of health benefits ranging from promoting heart health to boosting mental health.

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