Vegan Diet

Find expert advice on eating a healthy vegan diet

When going vegan, it’s important to be aware of your nutritional needs to make sure your plant-based diet includes everything you need to feel your best.

Our vegan nutrition articles are written by experts you can trust and make it easy for you to ensure your body is getting what it needs as part of a healthy vegan diet.

Find out how to get protein and calcium, how to build muscle and more.

7 benefits of almond milk and how to make it at home

Almond milk is delicious, but do you know how good it is for you? Here are 7 benefits of almond milk that will make you ditch dairy.

6 benefits of coconut milk, from health to cooking

Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in any vegan store cupboard thanks to its wide range of benefits and uses. Here's how to use it.

Experts criticise study linking veggie diets to depression, saying the results ‘don’t explain’ any association

Experts have hit back at a recent study suggesting there is a link between eating a meat-free diet and depression.


The Game Changers star, vegan bodybuilder Patrik Baboumian, reveals why he gave up meat

We chat to strongman Patrik Baboumian, star of The Game Changers film, about why he gave up meat and how he maintains muscle on a vegan diet

Vegan protein powder: The best types of protein powders for vegans

Looking to fuel your workouts with a complete vegan protein powder? From hemp to soy, discover the best vegan protein powder for you.


Health benefits of seaweed: Edible varieties and where to buy it

Dive in to learn more about the health benefits of seaweed and why you should consider adding it to your vegan diet today...

Eating your 5-a-day: Easy ways to make sure you’re eating enough fruit and vegetables

We look at what counts towards your 5-a-day and share some easy tips to make sure you're eating enough fruits and veggies.

Milk vs soy milk: 7 reasons why soy milk is better than dairy

Find out why you should go dairy-free as we reveal why soy milk comes out into top in the milk vs soy milk battle.


Discover the hidden health benefits of poppy seeds

Learn more about the health benefits of poppy seeds and explore what these tiny seeds have to offer - and who should avoid consuming them.

Top 20 high-fibre foods that will improve your gut health

Good health starts in the gut, so it's essential to make sure you're eating a variety of high-fibre foods to promote a diverse gut microbiome.

Feeling tired? Low iron levels could be the culprit

Learn why eating plenty of iron-rich foods doesn’t necessarily mean we get enough iron and how to boost your iron levels on a vegan diet.

Selenium: Why we need it and where to find it on a vegan diet

Discover the benefits of selenium and how to avoid a deficiency as we explore the best selenium foods on a vegan diet.

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