Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Sugar cane milk which tastes ‘almost exactly like dairy’ could be a game changer in vegan alternative sector

A new type of plant-based milk which tastes almost exactly like dairy could be a 'game changer', according to reports - sugar cane milk.

Coffee giant Kenco launches exciting new vegan options as it attempts to attract younger shoppers

Kenco has launched two instant vegan lattes as it expands its portfolio in a bid to attract younger shoppers.

Vegan Müller Corner and Rice yoghurts launch in UK as dairy giant finally taps into plant-based market – where to buy

Vegan Müller Corner and Müller Rice yoghurts will be launched in a major UK supermarket this week. Here’s where you can find them…

Marks and Spencer launches full fat and semi skimmed oat milk drinks in traditional dairy-style cartons prompting consumer ‘frenzy’

Marks and Spencer says it has created a consumer 'frenzy' with the launch of its new oat milk drinks, which come in dairy-style cartons.

Dessert giant Jude’s launches ‘ultimate’ vegan ice cream tasting box with six flavours

Craft dessert company Jude's is launching a vegan ice cream tasting box packed with 18 mini tubs in six different flavours.

Vegan Lurpak to launch next year – here’s all we know so far

Details on the highly-anticipated vegan Lurpak are limited, but Arla says the product will hit supermarket shelves in 2024…

UK startup launches oat milk powder which cuts packaging by 90%

Oat milk powder could be the next big thing, as companies tap into demand for plant-based milks without the packaging…

Plant-based cake brand launches Christmas sharing box, including its own-brand vegan clotted cream

An award-winning vegan and gluten-free cake brand has launched Christmas sharing boxes full of treats including vegan clotted cream.

Lab milk will hit the shelves in 2024, according to the founder of a company that makes dairy products without cows

Lab milk with a 'near-identical taste and nutritional content' to its traditional dairy counterpart could be on supermarket shelves by 2024.

Cardi B has launched a boozy dairy-free whipped cream

Hip Hop icon Cardi B has debuted Whip Shots, a range of vodka infused vegan whipped cream in a variety of flavours

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