Vegan Celebrities

Not such a ‘bad guy’ after all: Billie Eilish is named PETA’s ‘Person of the Year’

PETA has named Billie Eilish its youngest ever winner of the Person of the Year award after using her platform to advocate for animal rights.

Former Baywatch star Donna D’Errico credits vegan diet for youthful looks

Former Baywatch icon Donna D'Errico reveals why she took the vegan pledge and thanks plant-based diet for ageless beauty

Pamela Anderson urges UK Government to ban “outrageous” bearskin guard caps

Vegan icon Pamela Anderson has slammed the UK Government for still using bearskin for the Queen's Guard caps in a letter to Boris Johnson

Billie Eilish teams up with Nike to launch vegan Air Jordan trainers

Vegan icon and singer Billie Eilish has announced her new collaboration with Nike to launch a range of vegan Air Jordan trainers.

12 ex-vegan celebrities who quit being vegan and the reasons why

Despite previously being passionate advocates, these ex-vegan celebrities who quit being vegan have taken a disappointing step backwards.

15 celebrities you didn’t know eat a plant-based diet

Hollywood is ditching meat and dairy and going plant-based! Here are some plant-based celebrities you didn't know ate a plant-based diet...

21 Vegan celebrity quotes that will inspire you to go vegan

There are more vegan celebrities than you think! Here are some inspiring vegan celebrity quotes that will make you go vegan today.

Vegan celebrities 2021: 55 stars share why they went vegan

Celebrities all around the world are going vegan! Check out the animal-loving vegan celebrities who are changing the world.

The vegan revolution: Celebrities behind vegan brands

We take a look at celebrities who’re supporting the movement in the right way and how they’re shaping the vegan market.

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