XITE: meet the company bringing nootropics to the UK

Read Time:   |  22nd November 2021

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Do you know what nootropics are, or why they should be a part of your vegan diet? Neither did we, so we caught up with Megan Jones from XITE to find out more...


When and why did you first launch XITE?

We launched XITE around the end of 2017/ start of 2018.

The company was founded by myself and my boyfriend Oli whose background is a Rallycross Driver.

We have both always heavily been into the gym and we wanted to create a product which didn’t exist in the market. A product which wasn’t just an energy drink or a protein bar.

We wanted to create something which linked to mental performance and healthier than what is already on sale to like-mined health conscious consumers.

How would you describe your products to anyone who hasn’t come across them before?

We kick-started our brand with the launch of energy drinks and have just launched the first protein bar in the UK with the ultimate nootropic edge. They help you think, feel, and perform to your absolute best.

We’ve launched the bars in two delicious vegan friendly mouth-watering flavours, white chocolate chip and salted caramel.

The all-natural range range contains five active nootropics; which can help improve mental performance and boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

They really the most delicious protein bars I’ve tasted.

We worked really hard with a formulation specialist to ensure everything from texture to taste is different and better to what is already out there in the market.


How does XITE Energy differ to other products on the market?

We are the UK’s first nootropic brand.

We saw how big the conversation was in the US and we wanted to bring it over to the UK.

Not only are our bars delicious, but they have a magic ability to naturally enliven the body and sharpen the mind. From waking up first thing in the morning, pre or post-work – XITE protein bars can provide mental focus all while hitting your protein intake goals.

We’ve made it possible to get an optimum nootropic stack in items that you already buy – so no extra cost of supplements.

There is such a limited range of nootropics outside of pill or powdered supplements. They can be expensive and are easy to forget to take.

What are nootropics and why did you include them?

Nootropics are plant-based supplements.

They help to boost our brains, producing a range of health benefits from memory, attention, motivation, focus, mood, alertness, relaxation – all the way to stress resistance.

How do you choose ingredients to go into XITE’s products?

Oli and I spent a lot of time in the US for Oli’s job. We spotted that nootropics were so popular over there and we decided that we wanted to bring it over to the UK.

We have done a lot of research and have worked with the right people to know exactly how to formulate our products with the right ingredients.


What’s your process for developing new products?

We firstly think about what we like to consume in our daily lives – energy drinks and protein bars are very much part of our every day life.

We are in the process of developing a new flavour for our energy drinks and also gummies which makes it very easy for people to take, which is very exciting!

Why was it so important for your products to be vegan?

For us, it’s the environmental factor more than anything.

It’s important that we are moving forward with this positive change.

We want XITE to feel inclusive so that anyone can enjoy our products.

What’s next for XITE?

We want to be known for nootropics and continue to shout about the benefits.

It’s a very new topic/concept but it’s important for us to continue to raise awareness and become more established. We can’t wait to continue launching products within our XITE range.

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