Behind the Scenes with Happy Carrot Skincare

Author: Lisa Fox

Read Time:   |  28th October 2020

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Vegan Business Tribe finds out how Happy Carrot Skincare made a vegan business that really stands out


The vegan cosmetics market is increasingly saturated and it’s difficult to stand out. So Vegan Business Tribe’s Lisa spoke with Victoria at Happy Carrot Skincare (HCS) about how she built a successful business.

How did HCS start?

I was working on a facial balm with carrot extract (now our Incredible Carrot Hero Balm) to help with my adult acne. After using just this balm every day my acne cleared up and I knew I had to share it to help others. I launched HCS just eight months later!

How have you made something unique?

Using upcycled plant oils sourced from Europe is our way of sourcing great quality ingredients offering fantastic results for your skin as well as reducing our eco footprint. It would be such a waste to throw gorgeous fruit pips away because no one wants to eat them!

I wanted to create products with a fun side. When buying skincare products we’re faced with messages of fear about ageing and acne. Instead, I focus on positive messages about what our products can do, the power of plant-based ingredients and the benefits they bring.


How has your vegan ethics contributed to Happy Carrot Skincare?

I was vegetarian for years first. I finally went vegan around the same time as I had the idea for starting HCS. Sustainability is definitely at the core of Happy Carrot, so I don’t think the brand would be the same without my personal vegan ethics.

What business skills have you learned?

About a million! I knew nothing about things like accounting and taxes, technical things like maintaining a website, social media, photography, blogging, pinning and marketing. I’m still learning so much and I love the challenges that having a business brings every day.

Luckily, I’m pretty organised and I have loads of support to help with things when I get stuck too! The biggest pitfall in developing and growing HCS was that I had to get stuck in and learn as I went along.

However, any mistakes I’ve made have been part of the experience and are things I’ve learnt from.

Which way of promoting products has had the best results for you?

In person, and with honesty and genuine passion for the products. I love sharing my skincare superheroes face-to-face at vegan events and getting to know my customers.

Though the products really speak for themselves. Connecting with people is part of what I love about running HCS.


What does the future hold for Happy Carrot Skincare?

I’d love to help more people feel positive about their skin and be able to know they are looking after themselves and the planet too. We sell via our website, but I’d love to get our products into shops also.

What’s your advice for anyone starting their own vegan business?

There’s plenty of room for more ethical vegan businesses who can offer something more personal than the giants who offer a vegan alternative. My advice – go for it! Get The Vegan Society’s Trademark and get support from Vegan Business Tribe too, of course!

Lisa Fox says, “Happy Carrot Skincare is a great example of how to stand out in a saturated marketplace. By leading with positivity and fun, Victoria has created loyal repeat customers who are product champions.”

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