Ask the experts… what is hemp milk?

Read Time:   |  5th July 2016

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hemp milk and seedsQ I heard someone mention hemp milk the other day – what is this, what are the benefits of drinking it and how can I use it?

Good Hemp milk is a nutritious dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk. Made from the natural goodness of hemp seeds, it is completely allergen- free and can be used on cereals, in tea, coffee, shakes, porridge, cooking, baking or simply as a refreshing drink on its own.

The really great thing about hemp milk is that it is naturally rich in Omega 3 – just one 250ml glass of Good Hemp Milk provides 50% of your recommended daily intake. Omega 3 is good for heart and brain health and circulation.

And, hemp is great for the environment too. A sustainable crop, it doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides to grow, is way more effective at capturing CO2 than trees, and every part of the plant can be used – the seed to make nutritious food and drink, and the stalk for fibre to make clothing and eco-friendly building materials. As far as I can see there really is no down side to hemp.

There are currently three varieties available in the Good Hemp Milk range, all of which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are fortified with calcium and vitamin D2. Try Original, Unsweetened and Coconut.

Henry-Braham-PhotoHenry Braham is founder of Braham & Murray Good Hemp Proteins & Foods. Henry is a world expert on growing and producing food from hemp. Henry and his wife Glyn have used their passion for the hemp super seed to build up a thriving business based from their farm in Devon. Good Hemp makes great tasting, healthy food, from Good Hemp Oil to Good Hemp Protein Powders and Good Hemp Dairy Free Milk. All products are allergen-free with natural health benefits.

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