Ask the experts… does living vegan mean giving up your favourite foods?

Read Time:   |  11th July 2016

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The Quinoa BurgerQ Does living vegan mean you have to give up a lot of your favourite foods?

Not anymore! I’ve been vegan nearly 20 years and, to be fair, back in the mid-1990s vegan versions of savoury and sweet dishes were a bit trickier to buy or make. When I first went vegan, Sainsbury’s only had two options for non-dairy milk: Unsweetened soya milk or sweetened with apple juice! Nowadays there’s a huge diversity of plant-based milks, including rice milk, coconut milk and many nut milks, which are delicious, so you can still enjoy your mouthwatering cakes and desserts. Even Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s have released their own range of dairy-free almond milk ice-creams!

The same goes for vegan cheeses. The range today is amazing and continues to grow. And for those who like the taste of meat, there are a heap of burgers, sausages, schnitzels and so on whose textures and tastes are so similar to meat that it’s easy to make the choice to eat cruelty-free. Even high-profile investors such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates are investing in plant-based businesses. That’s huge. There’s also many people taking to the internet to share their passion for vegan food through their blogs, so it’s worth having a look at Pinterest, Instagram and Finding Vegan for lots of creative vegan recipe inspiration.

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