Vegan Basics

13 best vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking

From banana and chia seeds to flaxseed and vegan egg replacements, there are so many vegan egg substitutes to choose from.

Veganuary 2023: Your ultimate guide to going vegan in January

Are you ready to try going vegan this January but don't know where to start? Here is everything you need to know about Veganuary 2023...

Is beer vegan? The surprising reasons why not all beer is vegan

Before you take a sip, ask yourself is beer vegan? You might be surprised to learn that not all beer is vegan. Here's why...


Top 7 vegetables for meat alternatives – from jackfruit to mushrooms

Looking for less processed, healthier meat alternatives? Here are 11 vegetables that make great meat alternatives instead!

How to cook vegetables – tips and tricks from a chef’s kitchen

Tips and tricks for how to cook vegetables to bring out the ultimate flavour and texture so they become the star of the show!

How to make the best ever roast potatoes

There is no mystery or magic in cooking up these family favourites. Here we'll show you to make the best roast potatoes every time.

20 of the best vegan cookbooks – from BOSH! to child star Omari McQueen

Whether you’re looking for vegan baking tips or plant-based recipes that won’t break the bank - add these vegan cookbooks to your bookshelf.

Are figs vegan? Why the answer perhaps isn’t as simple as you might think

It might not be something you've considered, but do vegans eat figs? And if not, why are figs not vegan? We explore both sides of the debate

Get ready to celebrate World Vegan Month with The Vegan Society

The world of veganism is ever evolving, with more incredible vegan products being launch. Celebrate World Vegan Month with The Vegan Society.


The best vegan ingredients for meal prep

Meal prep is a great way to save money on food each week, and to make sure you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet, here are some vegan meal prep tips.

A guide to vegan store cupboard essentials

Here are some of our favourite flavourful ingredients for your vegan store cupboard that not only taste good, but will add nutritional value to your meals.

14 top tips to help make going vegan easy this Veganuary

Veganuary’s CEO Simon Winch reveals his essential advice for going vegan this January. Check out his Veganuary tips right here!

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