Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Taco Bell to test new vegetarian menu with vegan options this year

American fast food chain Taco Bell has announced its commitment to test brand new vegan and vegetarian menus for 2019.

taco bell vegan menu

American Tex-Mex chain Taco Bell is set to launch new vegan and vegetarian menus this year to test demand from customers for meat-free and plant-based options.

The vegetarian-friendly chain already offers customers the choice of a wide range of vegetarian dishes, and according to the company: “As the only American Vegetarian Association-certified QSR, Taco Bell has more than 8 million vegetarian combinations and there are plenty of gratifying meatless options from which to choose as well — enough to customize a new meal every day for nearly 20,000 years.”

However, the company knows that there is still more they could be doing to meet the growing demand from customers for dishes that are entirely free from animal products, despite already having a webpage dedicated to showing customers how they can order vegan options off the menu.

In an announcement, it stated that it “will be testing its first, dedicated vegetarian menu in stores, as well as new featured vegetarian items to enjoy” which would include some vegan options as well.

The company is also keen to reduce its environmental impact by improving “recycling efforts, one cup at a time.”



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