Simply Vegan Podcast – now available to listen to twice a week!

The Simply Vegan Podcast, brought to you by the makers of Vegan Food & Living, is your double weekly dose of the best vegan news, reviews and interviews, with some fun and laughter along the way

Holly and Molly from the Simply Vegan podcast

Join former Simply Vegan Magazine Editor Holly Johnson and Vegan Food & Living’s Molly Pickering every Tuesday as they discuss everything from vegan news and ethics to nutrition, recipes and new product reviews. They also answer your questions on all things plant-based alongside doctors and nutritionists from Plant-Based Health Professionals – email yours to [email protected].

Each Thursday, Holly also chats to vegan chefs, experts and influencers, about everything from fermented food and vegan nutrition, to weight loss, herbalism and cooking.

Whether you’re vegan-curious or a long-time convert, The Simply Vegan Podcast is here to inspire, educate and amuse.

New episodes are available every Tuesday and Thursday morning GMT on your favourite podcast platform, or listen below.

On the latest episode:

The Simply Vegan Podcast with Dr Melanie Joy

For today’s interview, we’re joined by Dr Melanie Joy – author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows and founder of advocacy group Beyond Carnism.

We discuss what prompted her to go vegetarian and then vegan, what carnism means, and why our systems are structured to make us believe it’s OK to support harm to animals.

She shares her views on how and why society has a bias towards meat-eating, why carnivores get defensive, and why there are negative vegan stereotypes in which we are deemed over-emotional and irrational.

Should we try to convert people? How can we cope with that sense of urgency to turn people vegan? And how should we talk to our loved ones about veganism?  Dr Melanie Joy answers all these questions and more as she outlines how we can be effective ambassadors for veganism without causing a divide.

Where can I listen to the Simply Vegan Podcast?

You’ll find every available episode of the podcast below, updated weekly. Or, if you want to listen via your preferred platform, you can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all the usual places. Just search for the Simply Vegan podcast and you’ll find us!

Don’t forget, you can also catch up with the Simply Vegan Podcast on our YouTube channel

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