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Want to have your opinions heard?

We’re looking for a collection of passionate vegans to join our extended team and become part of our Vegan Food & Living Reader Panel.

As a member of the panel you’ll receive occasional surveys (usually around one a month, rarely more than that), to gauge your opinion on events happening in the vegan community, existing products, or lack of them, and what you love most about being vegan.

This feedback will then be put to good use in helping companies to produce the goods that you really want to buy, or improving the ones that you think need a little work.

We’ll also ask you questions about the magazine. We frequently disagree over what our covers should look like, so you’ll be asked to help us choose the cover image. Or let us know what you think about the content balance in the magazine, or what other things we should be covering. Basically you become our sounding board.

Think this is something you’d enjoy being part of? Sign up below to join the Vegan Food & Living Reader Panel team now…

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