Why Free Soul is dominating the vegan protein supplements market

Read Time:   |  3rd September 2018

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So, Free Soul – who are they, what do they do in the vegan space, and why are we raving about them?

free soul vegan protein supplements

Free Soul is a relatively new brand, and they specialise in nutritional products for women, and our favourite from their range is their Vegan Protein Blends.

For quite some time, the Vegan Supplements market has rested upon their selling point being the fact that products are dairy free, but they lacked innovation, and almost rested upon their Vegan label to sell products. That’s how Free Soul is shaking up the market – through unique innovation in their product offering.

Free Soul products have been formulated by leading UK nutritionists to develop protein powders that have a reinforced amino acid profile, which is where so many other powders are lacking, that actually impact female performance, and are full of extra minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens that go far beyond the scope of their competitors in terms of the impact on health and wellbeing. Plus their blends are gluten free, soy free, and filler free.

Pea and White Hemp form the vegan base, hence the strong amino acid profile. As well as providing consumers with an uncompromised protein source, they support female hormonal balance, bone density, energy and mood. Carefully sourced premium ingredients include Peruvian maca for hormonal balance, guarana for metabolic function, and Siberian ginseng, a powerful adaptogen to help manage stress. Minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium alongside B Vitamins help boost energy and promote healthy bones, skin, hair and nails.

free soul vegan protein supplements

Free Soul was founded in 2016 by CEO Arjun Sofat, who had previously been working in the City of London, where he gained insights and knowledge of the global health and wellbeing supplements sector. He decided to leave the City rat race to pursue his passion for nutrition and fitness when his father suffered a major health scare.  Inspired by his mother’s ability to find energy reserves through exercise, Arjun realised that the nutritional benefits that she and other women should have been getting from supplements was lacking.

Arjun and the Free Soul development team spent over a year formulating a focused range of supplements and wellness products, working with leading nutritional scientist, Dr. Adam Cunliffe, an eminent specialist in cellular nutrition. The result is a collection of unique supplements and teas that work to support women in targeted and specific functional ways

“Free Soul was chosen as our name because it represents a feeling – the feeling of being free of constraints, and the feeling of freedom of choice in any scenario. It represents not being constrained by the constraints of society, or one’s self.” – Arjun Sofat, Free Soul Founder.

Free Soul is nothing short of a game changer, and we couldn’t recommend it higher.

Shop the Free Soul blends online here.

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