Spice up Veganuary with Chilli No. 5’s vegan hot sauce

Read Time:   |  28th January 2021

Chilli No. 5 is an artisanal vegan hot sauce brand that is helping to elevate home-cooked dishes. Discover more about these British-made vegan chilli sauces.

Whether you are a veteran vegan, or new to the world of veganism, finding quick and easy ways to add depth of flavour to your culinary creations can be one of the most challenging aspects of embracing a diet that is free from animal-derived ingredients. One newly launched British vegan hot sauce brand is on a mission to change that.

Launched last year during the pandemic’s height, Chilli No. 5 is an artisanal vegan chilli sauce brand that wants to make cooking tasty, healthy meals at home effortless. Chilli No. 5’s extensive range of vegan hot sauces are not only a brilliant way to add pizzazz to vegan dishes, but they are also packed with health-boosting supplements and superfoods, ensuring a diet that is not only tasty, but nutritious too.

Globally inspired vegan hot sauces

The British-made vegan hot sauces are inspired by global cuisines and pair perfectly with a wide range of vegan dishes.

There’s 13 chilli-tastic sauces in total. Some of the most popular vegan chilli sauces include Wicked Wasabi, Sriracha Cha Cha Cha, Totally Thai, Heavenly Harissa, Ever So English, and Louisiana BBQ (yes, finally, a BBQ sauce that doesn’t include animal-derived ingredients!).

The forward-thinking vegan hot sauce company also offers an ever-changing roster of monthly limited edition hot sauces that truly wow. For example, Chilli No. 5’s limited edition Champagne Gold is an extravagant vegan chilli sauce made with the finest Champagnes and infused with edible 23-carat gold flakes.

So, whether you wish to jazz up a hearty bowl of pho (try Wicked Wasabi), want to add depth of flavour to a vegetable curry (try the hot and fiery Forever Phall), or want to create a dazzling salad filled with the finest ingredients (try Champagne Gold), Chilli No. 5 offers the perfect vegan hot sauce for any dish.

“I founded Chilli No. 5 because it was impossible to find high-quality, healthy vegan hot sauces at the supermarket or even at restaurants,” Chilli No. 5’s CEO, Rumble Romagnoli, said. “This became even more apparent during lockdown, when people were cooking more at home than ever before and were discovering the challenges of recreating their favourite bold flavours.”

The vegan chilli sauce founder added: “Our sauces have been purposefully designed to help people live a healthy lifestyle, so making sure they were vegan was important to us. We want to show people that embracing a vegan diet doesn’t have to be intimidating. With our range of vegan hot sauces, you can cook simple recipes and transform them into something delicious by just adding one of our chilli sauces.”

Vegan hot sauces filled with good-for-you-ingredients

Beyond just being vegan, all of Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces are filled with high-quality superfoods in addition to a carefully selected blend of supplements, including Fenu Greek, Inulin, Guarana, Red Ginseng, and L-Arginine. These incredible ingredients have a range of reported benefits, from aiding weight loss, to improving heart health and boosting energy levels.

“Creating a range of hot sauces that were not only vegan, but made with the finest health-boosting ingredients was incredibly important to us,” Chilli No. 5’s founder said. “Now, more than ever, people are becoming more aware of the importance of living a healthy diet.”

Not only are the vegan hot sauces packed with good-for-you-ingredients, but the brand aims to be as sustainable as possible, with recyclable or land-fill friendly packaging used wherever possible.

Encouraging a healthy vegan lifestyle

Not only are Chilli No. 5 revolutionising the world of vegan hot sauces, but this innovative company also wants to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle and show them how easy it is to make tasty dishes at home.

Chilli No. 5’s recently launched Superfood Mondays showcases a range of delicious recipes with easy to follow step-by-step videos by Chilli No. 5’s chef Adam Purnell. A particular hit has been the vegan Whole Roast Cauliflower Shwarma; a whole cauliflower marinated with Chilli No. 5’s Forever Phall vegan hot sauce, slowly baked in the oven, and then drenched in a Tahini sauce and served with pomegranate seeds, parsley and toasted pine nuts.

“We launched Superfood Mondays because we want to show people how easy it is to make tasty, healthy dishes at home, as well as showcase how incredibly easy it is to elevate dishes with our range of vegan hot sauces,” Romagnoli explained.

“With restaurants shut and people having to stay at home, now is the perfect time to try new dishes at home and embrace a healthy meat-free diet. This is where our Superfood Monday recipes come in.”

Romagnoli added: “Our hot sauces are perfect for Veganuary, as well as those who are just starting their vegan journey and are searching for a quick and easy way to add extra flavour to their home-cooked dishes.”

Discover Chilli No. 5’s vegan hot sauces at chilli-no5.com

*This post is sponsored by Chilli No. 5

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