5 essential products for vegan baking

Author: Nishat Rahman

Read Time:   |  12th October 2021

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In need of substitutes to use in your vegan baking or treats that have been made for you? Look no further than these Vegan Trademarked vegan baking products...


Scouring the internet for the perfect vegan substitutes to use in your baking, or for ready-made vegan cakes and biscuits that
taste just like their non-vegan counterparts is becoming a thing of the past.

The growing number of great products in supermarkets is sweet news to everyone who loves baking or baked treats. All you need to search for is the Vegan Trademark, which is really easy since The Vegan Society’s trusted and globally recognised sunflower is pretty unmistakable.

If you see the Vegan Trademark on a product, it means we’ve ensured it’s suitable for vegans and has gone through our robust checks and standards.

But if the words ‘vegan baking’ still make you nervous or mourn your failed vegan bakes, we’re here to help steer you in the right direction with some alternatives that will make animal-free baking a doddle!

If baked treats are more your thing than the process of baking itself, there are plenty of delicious Vegan Trademark certified cakes and
biscuits out there too.

Whether you’re an avid baker or an expert taster, the Vegan Trademark is helping to make indulging in these simpler and more enjoyable than ever.

1. CRACKD – The No-Egg Egg

vegan baking products crackd vegan egg

Introducing CRACKD The No-Egg Egg – the perfect alternative for those looking to veganise their old favourite recipes.

100% plant-based and made from pea protein which is cold-pressed to retain both flavour and nutrients, CRACKD is rich in vitamin B12 and fat-free.

This new replacement has been created especially for those who don’t want to compromise on taste, versatility and ease of use!

£3.99, crackd.com


2. Steenbergs Organic Lemon Extract

vegan baking products

Steenbergs Organic Lemon Extract is a sunflower oil-based extract with a glorious lemon citrus aroma and flavour.

It has been created particularly for use in home baking, but tastes great in everything from desserts to savoury dishes.

This vegan baking products ingredients list is simple – it just contains organic sunflower oil and organic lemon oil (15-20%).

£4.85 for 100ml, £3.25 for 60ml, steenbergs.co.uk

3. Saintly Foods Ltd Dark Chocolate Tarts

No time (or inclination) to bake? Try Saintly’s range of frozen, all-natural desserts.

Packed full of flavoursome quality ingredients, these indulgent puds are handmade in a vegan kitchen and contain no artificial additives,
preservatives, palm oil, soy or animal products.

The line-up includes dark chocolate and British fruit-based varieties.

£4.99 for two 89g tarts, saintlyfoods.com


4. Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup

vegan baking products

Sweet Freedom’s Fruit Syrup is the perfect vegan baking product and drizzling ingredient – replace all sugar with just fruit sweetness (apples, grapes
and carob).

With 25% less calories than sugar, it’s the better for you option and it’s tailor-made for drizzling over porridge, pancakes and waffles, stirring into hot drinks, whizzing into smoothies or baking up a storm.

£3.10, from Waitrose, ocado.com, TheVeganKind Supermarket. 

5. Steenbergs Organic Rose Water

Steenbergs Organic Rose Water is made through a simple water extraction of classic Persian Damask Rose blossom.

The organic roses are grown in Bulgaria and the rose water is made with the freshly picked rose petals from the rose farm.

If you’ve never tasted cakes topped with rose icing, now is your chance. It’s also great in creams, puddings and ice cream!

£3.90 for 100ml, steenbergs.co.uk

Stop! Don’t throw your chickpea water away. 

Instead, use it to make these impressive vegan aquafaba recipes

Written by

Nishat Rahman

Nishat is the Brand Marketing Officer at The Vegan Society

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