19 best vegan Easter eggs for 2022 that will have you hopping for joy!

Author: Rachel Smith

Read Time:   |  10th February 2020

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Discover our pick of the best vegan Easter eggs you can find in the UK in 2022 from dark chocolate Easter eggs to vegan milk chocolate eggs.


The Easter bunny has been busy stocking supermarket shelves in the UK full of creative vegan Easter eggs for 2022.

Whether you enjoy a dark chocolate Easter egg or a creamy vegan milk chocolate egg, there’s a vegan chocolate egg to please every palate.

What’s more, manufacturers have been hard at work removing plastic from their packaging to make Easter eggs more sustainable than ever before. Now it’s easy to find plastic-free Easter eggs on the high-street that are kinder to animals and the planet.

If you love to treat yourself to a dairy-free Easter egg in the spring, then you’re sure to find your perfect pick with our guide to the best vegan Easter eggs in the UK for 2022.

Vegan milk chocolate Easter eggs

If you prefer sweeter vegan chocolate then look out for these superbly creamy vegan milk chocolate eggs this Easter.

1. NOMO Cookie Dough Crunch Egg

NOMO Cookie Dough Crunch Egg

NOMO has got us egg-cited for Easter with the release of its brand new Cookie Dough Crunch Egg.

The egg combines NOMO’s original creamy choc with a vegan and free from cookie dough shell – and includes a mouth-watering Cookie Dough Bunny to provide an extra indulgent treat.

NOMO now has five flavours to choose from including Fruit Crunch, Salted Caramel, Creamy Milk chocolate, and the Hazelnot Easter egg.

With so many tasty flavours to choose from, you’ll find it hard to stick to one! Plus they come with an extra bar of choc to sink your teeth into.

Price: £6

Where to buy: The NOMO Caramel Egg is at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. 

2. Hotel Chocolate Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan* Easter Egg

New for 2022, Hotel Chocolat’s extra thick dark chocolate egg is their most exciting vegan egg yet!

Made using Hotel Chocolat’s superbly silky Nutmilk chocolate, the super chunky egg is bursting with an array of delectable truffles, pralines, and caramels.

This elegant and grown-up Easter egg is sure to impress and comes in a reusable box shaped like a cacao pod. If you’re looking for pure indulgence this Easter, Hotel Chocolat’s egg is a winner.

Price: £30

Where to buy: Hotel Chocolat’s Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Easter Egg is available to purchase online and in-store.

3. HiP Salted Caramel Oat M!lk Chocolate Easter Egg

HiP Salted Caramel Oat M!lk Chocolate Easter Egg

Missing Cadbury’s eggs at Easter? Well now you no longer have to as the great-great-great grandson of Mr Cadbury, James Cadbury, has a treat for us this Easter – a salted caramel egg!

Made from creamy oat milk and single origin Colombian cocoa, it’s combined with flaky Maldon sea that gives it a delicious crunchy texture.

But that’s not all, this vegan easter egg has 35% less sugar than your average high-street egg and a higher cocoa content too. If you’re fed up with overly-sweet and waxy chocolate eggs then this milk chocolate alternative will hit all the right notes.

Moreover, the egg is available in plastic-free packaging so it’s kinder to the planet too!

Price: £8

Where to buy: The HiP Salted Caramel Oat M!lk Chocolate egg is available on Ocado and via HiP’s website. 

4. Rhythm 108 Chocolate Truffle Mini Eggs

Rhythm 108 Chocolate Truffle Mini Eggs

Looking for silky smooth vegan milk chocolate with a melt-in-the-mouth centre? Look no further than Rythm 108’s truly addictive mini truffle eggs. They’re so smooth and creamy you’d never guess they were dairy-free and made without refined sugar.

As an added bonus these treats are made from all-natural ingredients and are palm-oil free and gluten-free.

Price: £6

Where to buy: Rhythm 108 Chocolate Truffle Mini Eggs are available to purchase from Sainsbury’s and online stores. 

5. Prodigy Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg

Prodigy Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg

Missing Cadbury’s classic caramel-filled eggs? New for 2022, snack brand Prodigy has launched an irresistibly gooey salted caramel egg encased in rich cacao chocolate.

Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, it’s hard to believe this vegan chocolate egg is both free from palm oil and refined sugars!

In fact, this tasty little number has just half the sugar of its dairy counterpart which is ideal for those who find sugary sweets a bit too sweet.

Price: £1.29

Where to buy: The Prodigy Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg is available to purchase now at Holland & Barrett. 

6. Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

Family-owned UK manufacturer Moo Free Chocolates has created a truly delightful Easter egg for those with a sweet tooth with its new Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg.

This tempting vegan mylk chocolate egg is studded with dairy-free white chocolate chips and marshmallows to create an Easter treat for both kids and grown-ups alike.

As well as tasting absolutely amazing, the Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg is also dairy-free, gluten-free, soya free and certified vegan.

Price: £3.50.

Where to buy: The Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg is available to purchase from major supermarkets and online retailers. 

7. Buttermilk Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy Egg & Buttons

Buttermilk Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy Egg

Cornish chocolatiers Buttermilk feel that when it comes to choosing a treat, you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or quality.

Featuring a generously thick chocolate shell, Buttermilk’s dairy free Easter egg is made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients and packaged in 100%  plastic-free and compostable materials.

The Zingy Orange Crisp egg is infused with zesty orange pieces for extra flavour and even come with a bag of buttons to snack on.

Price: £6

Where to buy: Buttermilk Zingy Orange Crisp Egg is available to purchase from Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

8. Wicked Kitchen Poppin  Fruity Chocolate Egg

Wicked Kitchen Fruity Chocolate Egg

Wicked Kitchen might be known for its innovative savoury ready meals, but the brand is expanding its sweet offerings with a selection of deliciously dairy-free chocolate eggs this Easter.

Along with a brand-new Orange Popping Candy egg and vegan chocolate bunny, Tesco is selling this fruity little number for vegan milk chocolate fans.

This fruity egg has a blackcurrant flavour, crispy cereal chunks and freeze-dried raspberry pieces inside the shell.

Price: £5.00

Where to buy: Wicked Kitchen’s new vegan Easter eggs are available to purchase in-store and online at Tesco now.

9. Mummy Meegz Chuckie Egg

Mummy Meegz Chuckie Egg

Mummy Meegz’s vegan take on Cadbury’s classic Creme Egg is back and better than ever before for Easter 2022!

Following on from the success off it’s popular dark chocolate version, this year the cult chocolatier has released a brand new oat milk version.

Made with delightfully indulgent creamy oat milk chocolate filled with a gooey ‘yolk’ fondant centre, the Chuckie Egg is a totally vegan, slavery free and a sustainable alternative to rival the taste of any dairy-based creme egg.

Price: Mummy Meegz’ Oat Milk Chuckie Egg comes in a box of five eggs, £5 plus £2.99 postage

Where to buy: Chuckie Eggs are available now via mummymeegz.com before they hit the shelves in ASDA on Easter Monday where they will be available all year round. 


Vegan dark chocolate Easter eggs

Deliciously dark and decadent, these vegan dark chocolate Easter eggs are a treat for those who love cocoa.

9. Melt Chocolates Strawberry Easter Egg

Handcrafted in Notting Hill, this exquisite vegan Easter egg from Melt Chocolates not only looks like a juicy strawberry, it tastes like one too!

Designed to look and taste like a fresh strawberry dipped in 70% dark chocolate, it has been infused with the beautiful flavour of sweet wild strawberries picked from the forest.

Price: £29.99

Where to buy: Get the Melt Strawberry Easter egg at Melt Chocolate’s online store. 

10. Hames Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Raspberry Cremes

Hames Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Raspberry Cremes 

Lincolnshire-based chocolatiers Hames’ luxurious dark chocolate egg is a wonderful treat for those looking for a richly flavoured chocolate egg this Easter.

The thickly-moulded dark chocolate Easter egg is filled with tangy raspberry cremes made from sustainably grown cocoa and is perfect for those who love the classic combination of dark chocolate and fruit.

Furthermore, the dairy-free Easter egg is packaged in completely recyclable, reusable and compostable packaging.

Price: £10.42

Where to buy: Hames’ Luxury Vegan Easter Eggs are available to purchase from their online store. 

11. Booja Booja Large Hazelnut Truffle Easter Eggs

vegan Easter eggs

Easter eggs don’t get much prettier than Booja Booja’s Artist’s collection eggs. The intricately decorated egg-shaped trinket boxes are created by Kashmiri artisans and filled with deliciously decadent Booja Booja Truffles.

These beautiful wooden boxes make this Easter gift extra special as they’re designed to be kept and treasured. It’s a more eco-friendly way of packaging too, with none of the wastage often associated with Easter treats.

Booja-Boojas iconic Easter eggs are available in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from £8.50 for the smaller size to £25.99 for the full-sized eggs.

Price: £25.99

Where to buy: Booja Booja’s Truffle Easter Eggs are available to purchase from independent retailers. 

12. Doisy & Dam Good Eggs

Doisy & Dam Good Eggs

Ethical chocolate brand Doisy & Dam is rivalling Cadbury’s with its vegan version take on Mini Eggs!

The palm-oil free Cadbury-style eggs feature a dark chocolate centre made with 58% Fairtrade cocoa for a rich chocolate taste.

They’re coated in a colourful, sugary shell making them perfect for adding to any Easter-themed bakes you have planned this year.

Price £2

Where to buy: Doisy & Dam Good Eggs are available to purchase from Doisy & Dam’s online store as well as at ASDA, Holland & Barrett, and Amazon.

13. Divine Vegan Smooth Dark with Raspberries 

Divine Vegan Smooth Dark with Raspberries 

Divine’s bestselling vegan chocolate bar is now available in decadent dark chocolate Easter egg form.

Suitable for vegans, it’s made up of deliciously rich smooth dark chocolate with pieces of real raspberries in a thick chocolate shell.

As with the whole of Divine’s range, the plastic-free Easter egg is made with natural ingredients and is palm oil-free and Fairtrade too. 

Price: £5

Where to buy: Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Oxfam

14. Montezuma’s Vegan Easter Milk Chocolate Alternative Lucky Chick with Buttons

Montezuma's Vegan Easter Milk Chocolate Alternative Lucky Chick with Buttons

Chocolate alchemists Montezuma’s have managed to create vegan milk chocolate that has all the delicious flavours of dark chocolate but which appeals to those looking for something sweeter and less intense.

This Easter they’ve put a new spin on the Easter egg with Lucky the chick. This cute chocolate chick comes complete with a helping of chocolate coins to munch on too.

Not only is the egg made from organic chocolate, but it’s also available in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

Price: £6.00

Where to buy: Montezuma’s Vegan Lucky Chick is available to purchase online from Montezuma’s.

15. Co-op GRO Choc Orange Egg-splosion

Co-op GRO Choc Orange Egg-splosion vegan milk chocolate egg

For the first time ever, Co-op supermarket is celebrating Easter with a delicious vegan chocolate treat, and they’ve pulled out all the stops!

Available in 100% plastic-free packaging, this vegan milk chocolate egg is flavoured with a burst of zesty orange, and studded with crunchy honeycomb and orange candy.

Price: £4

Where to buy: You can find Co-op’s new vegan Easter egg in stores now. 


Vegan white chocolate Easter eggs

Got an insatiable sweet tooth? You’ll love these super sweet vegan white chocolate Easter eggs!

16. HAPPi White Chocolate Raspberry Easter Egg

HAPPi White Chocolate Raspberry Easter Egg
To give vegans with a sweet tooth something new to try this Easter, oat milk chocolate brand HAPPi has launched a new White Chocolate Raspberry Easter Egg.

Decadent and smooth with delightfully fruity flavour, it will appeal to those with a sweeter tooth. The HAPPi White Raspberry Egg will join HAPPi’s delicious range which includes Plain M!lk, Salted Caramel and Orange Eggs.

Price: £9.99

Where to buy: HAPPi’s Easter range will be available to purchase from Selfridges, Amazon and www.happifreefrom.com

17. Moo Free White Bunnycomb Crunch Easter Egg

Moo Free White Bunnycomb Crunch Easter Egg

Using their award-winning vegan white chocolate, Moo Free has created its very first white chocolate Easter Egg.

As an extra treat for white chocolate fans, the hollow egg comes with a white bunnycomb crunch bar to nibble on.

The white bunnycomb crunch bar is a tasty chunk of vegan honeycomb coated in dairy-free white chocolate and a must-try for honeycomb fans.

Price: £5.99

Where to buy: Moo Free’s vegan white chocolate Easter egg is available from moofreechocolates.com and Asda.

18. Plamil So Free Vegan White Easter Egg

Plamil So free Vegan White Easter Egg

Being vegan and gluten-free doesn’t mean missing out on your favourite sweet treats. Vegan chocolatiers have made it easy for everyone to enjoy some sugary goodness with its free-from Easter eggs.

Plamil’s vegan white chocolate Easter egg is made from a blend of cocoa butter, sugar and gets its creamy texture from rice milk.

Moreover, this egg is plastic-free and made using 100% renewable energy so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Price: £4

Where to buy: You can get your hands on the Plamil So Free Vegan White Easter Egg via their online store and at independent retailers. 

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