Student’s Earth & Wheat start-up launches new veg box

Read Time:   |  8th June 2022

Sustainable start-up brand Earth & Wheat launches 'Wonky Veg' box to help reduce food waste

An ambitious university student who set up the world’s first ‘wonky bread’ subscription service has expanded his range and has launched a new ‘Wonky Veg’ box.

Eid founded Earth & Wheat in March 2021 in order to fight food waste by rescuing and redistributing odd or misshapen bread which would have otherwise been rejected due to strict shop standards.

The 21-year-old’s mission was to reduce the amount of food binned at the ‘point of production’ as around 16 per cent of all food waste is disposed of at this stage before it even reaches the supermarket shelves.

Eid, a fourth-generation baker, started rescuing bread from his own family bakery, Signature Flatbreads, based in Dunstable, and sold over 10,000 ‘wonky bread’ box boxes in the first 12 weeks and has now rescued more than 500 tonnes of bread, while the up-and-coming FoodTech brand has also donated over 150,000 meals to food charities.


Image source: Earth & Wheat

Image source: Earth & Wheat

Now Earth & Wheat is entering the vegetable market and launching its ‘wonky veg’ box, which is available for delivery nationwide, this week.

It is the third new box in the range to be brought out following the vegan sweet and savoury ‘wonky’ broken biscuit box, which was introduced last November.

The Wonky Veg box will include an assortment of vegetables that are super-fresh and perfectly delicious but would have been otherwise thrown away, usually due to their imperfect size, shape or colour.

This includes everything from potatoes, broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn, chillies, butternut, tomatoes, onions and more – which are rescued directly from farms in the UK.

The generous box includes free delivery and is listed at £15.99 and customers, or ‘wonky warriors’ as the brand affectionally calls them, can subscribe weekly or fortnightly.

The launch of the Earth & Wheat Wonky Veg box coincides with National Vegetarian Week which began on May 16th and is aimed at encouraging more people to go veggie to combat climate change and the threat it poses to wildlife.

“Fighting food waste across the board”

In a statement, Eid said: “We’re so happy to be entering into a different sector of food with the launch of our fresh Wonky Veg box. We started with wonky bread, and then broken biscuits, and now Earth & Wheat is poised for expansion into multiple food categories – fighting food waste across the board. The one-stop wonky market.

“Earth & Wheat is changing people’s perceptions about how we look at food as a whole for the good of our planet, informing people that wonky food is not something we should dismiss or chuck straight in the bin – in fact, wonky is great!

“It tastes just the same as normal food, it’s just not perfectly shaped and may not be the exact size we’re used to seeing in shops – but it’s still fresh and tastes delicious!

“We’ve moved into vegetables as we want to avoid unwanted vegetable produce being ploughed back into fields or sent to landfills because, at the end of the day, we believe no good food should go to waste. Potatoes are the most wasted food in the UK.

“Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions but we, as individuals, can take action by rescuing misshapen veg and preventing it from going to waste by subscribing and joining the fight against food waste with Earth & Wheat.”

This is a paid advertorial from Earth & Wheat

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